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Trip To Augusta Georgia and The Hampton Inn

My husband and I left on Thursday for Georgia. I realized as we drove that I am very OCD. I have this need to be in control even when it comes to driving. My husband drove from Pennsylvania to the West Virginia Welcome Center. I tried, I really tried to keep my mouth shut but didn't do a good job. 

I think he wanted to strangle me but refrained. He's a good driver, I'm over reactive. A few of the things I said more than 10 times, "Bill, don't hang in the passing lane,  speed up, slow down." I can't sleep when I'm a passenger, he should have spiked my Ice Tea. The more I say about his driving- well let's just say it leads to each of us biting at the other. I drove the rest of the way and he didn't hound me like I do to him. We do get along quite well when I'm driving but what does that really say about me?  

I was so excited to arrive and see Augusta. We drove through the city and it's very dirty. I was disappointed. I guess I was expecting to see a town more similar to Savannah Georgia?  I will give Augusta props for the downtown district where the riverwalk is. There are a lot of cool shops, restaurants, and the riverwalk is beautiful. My son will begin his Ironman Competition from the Savannah River on Sunday, September 25th and that is why we are here.  That makes it all worth is. I will be live tweeting a few portions of the Competition. I also want to thank everyone who sent well wishes and wishes of good luck to him, I am sharing those with my son!

A few points I wanted to add:

We passed through Charlotte, North Carolina and saw no protesting but we were on the highway!

We were warned about the gas shortage from North Carolina on down and so far, gas is cheaper in the South than it is in Pennsylvania, where I live.  We didn't have to wait to get gas and gas stations were open along all the major highways we passed through. 

I need duct tape for the trip back or I may not be around to tell the tales of our trip home. 

The Hampton Inn

Trip To Augusta Georgia and The Hampton Inn

I don't know about you but when I arrive at a hotel I'm ready to chill and I just want a clean room! I'm not a hoity-toity when it comes to where I stay. I always book a room with a Hilton Brand Hotel or Marriott brand because I'm a rewards member and those points sure add up quick and come in handy. 

We arrived at the Hampton Inn on Gordon Highway in Augusta Georgia today (Friday). I booked my room online after reading reviews and also used points plus cash which saved me a bunch. When you make a reservation with a Hilton Brand Hotel online there's a box to leave additional comments- I wrote, "Do not use air freshener in our room, no scent of air freshener and a good working A/C that doesn't rattle."  Yea, yea.. I know, I sound snooty. I swear, I'm not that hard to please.

I always call the hotel the night before to confirm they received my comments. I called the Hampton Inn and the man told me the night before our arrival our request would be honored. We went up to our room and the toilet had mold under the rim of the bowl, there were dust bunnies in many corners, dirt in corners, a wall mounted thermostat which has broken plastic and is crooked, AND it was set at 70 degrees, so I decided to turn it down to 67 just to get the humidity out of the air, no luck! The A/C wouldn't go down past 68 degrees. I called and the maintenance man said that's as low as they go. Seriously?? I get hot so easily at night and usually set it at 66 degrees. That may sound chilly to many but it works for me and I've never had a room where you can't set the temperature to your liking. 

I went to the front desk 3 times about the dirt and A/C. It's late and I've been putting off getting into the bed because I'm so grossed out. The front desk clerk was indifferent to these issues. I went to Walmart and bought a fan because the fan mode doesn't even work when you set it on the thermostat.  Finally, a gal was on later and told me that she would find us a clean room tomorrow (today now). I hope we have better luck. I've never stayed at such a dirty Hampton Inn. 

On a good note

We will be out of the room for the most until we leave on Monday. I'm so pumped about watching another Ironman event. My dinner was good. It's great to have time with my son before and after his competition because we only get to see him and the rest of his family a few times a year since they live out in Colorado. 

I'm curious how many couples find traveling in the car long distance together to be a bit stressful? Maybe it's me and I need to lighten up and let go of the reins? 

Live Streaming

Look for my videos on Sunday. I'm not sure how many I will post. Wishing everyone a great weekend and hoping my video's are fun to watch. 

Thanks for reading my rant, if you got this far.

Photo credit: Gorden Highway, Augusta Ga

Lisa 🐝 Gallagher 30/9/2016 · #40

Thanks for reposting this @Pamela L. Williams

Lisa 🐝 Gallagher 30/9/2016 · #39

#38 @Ben Pinto, we saw a Semi that had jackknived on 77S in NC. It was hard to tell if any other cars were involved because they were finishing with clean up and getting the front end of the semi out of a ditch. Scary!

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Ben Pinto 30/9/2016 · #38

Re Semis: Not to mention jackknives for beginners (double meaning fully intended!!! ) #34

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Phillip Hubbell 29/9/2016 · #36

I always stayed at Holiday Inn properties in my business travels because the points never expire. It has been 4 years since I traveled on business but I still have free rooms. We haven't paid for a travel hotel since 1990. I usually drive and endure the criticism.

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Dale Masters 29/9/2016 · #35

#34 It can be. While my vehicle was an extended-bed truck with a back seat (double cab), the same principle applies. I remember driving during a hurricane. I was sent from the shop to pick up some items. When I got back, they were waiting for me so they could shut down the shop.
Driving home was SCARY.

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Lisa 🐝 Gallagher 29/9/2016 · #34

#33 Did you used to drive a Semi @Dale Masters? After this long drive I mentioned to my husband that I don't envy the semi truck drivers and they don't get the recognition they deserve. Long hours, pay can vary and very stressful, tiring job. Not to mention many of our goods would never get from point A to point B without the Truck drivers. Just going through the mountains and seeing the run offs for truckers who may lose their breaks downhill on steep grades, scary!

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Dale Masters 28/9/2016 · #33

@Lisa Gallagher I used to drive for a living, so I'm the one who drives long distance. Chris has a special pillow to put her face into when sh's scared (like I used to do in horror movies when I was a LOT younger.. )

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