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The Hour-Glass

Youth and love and life-force stirred the sands beneath my feet;

arid, warm, enticing; such a beautiful deceit!

I wondered as I wandered at such amazing grace

and turned my face up to the sun so thankful to embrace.

I was strong and brazen then, convinced that hope could win;

stupidly conceited that this trap had sucked me in!

Now I see the construct, the circled glass entraps.

Doomed to wade in circles until I breathe my last.

Every sin and sorrow cutting deep as I am stoned; 

the rain of accusation shred my skin down to the bone.

Blood trails from my body, thickly from my head,

then disappears in mockery; my path will not turn red.

Wading sands grow heavy, my pitted legs are flayed.

Walk in ceaseless suffering? Is my life not fully played?

The will to fight has left me, even those I'd leave behind

beloved as they are, cannot save me from my mind.

Serves me right for duelling with that liar in my soul

whose name is 'Condemnation', whose eyes are black as coal.

It bleeds me drier than this sand I slog though ceaselessly.

Please take me Lord; forgive me what I battled heedlessly.

The Hour-Glass

"Sands of Time". Artist: Chris Guinto

Harvey Lloyd Jun 27, 2018 · #29

#28 Sometimes life gets in the way of reality. Its a cross we bare. Hope all is well. Thoughts are never late, they are just in time.

Lisa Vanderburg Jun 27, 2018 · #28

#27 I had missed your enriching balm dear @Harvey Lloyd - a month late? Thank you so much my friend; your wisdom and fight is a true arrow!

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Harvey Lloyd May 29, 2018 · #27

Take heed you fine poet. You have participated in the epic battle of humanity. Your worthiness is in your participation and not the victories. I do not count victories but those souls who were on the field giving their best. For i have won with them something no one could win without the battle, the courage and spirit of a winner.

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Lisa Vanderburg May 23, 2018 · #26

#25 Coming from you, my dear @Debasish Majumder, I am honored - thank you!

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Debasish Majumder May 23, 2018 · #25

lovely poem @Lisa Vanderburg! enjoyed read and shared. thank you fro the buzz.

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Lisa Vanderburg May 23, 2018 · #24

#21 Thanks for your very thoughtful comment @Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador! It's true; poetry allows for dramatic prose that we wouldn't necessarily say; that license to cry out. Sometimes we think that where we are is where we're meant to be, yet if we can just muster the will, we may see something better!!

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Lisa Vanderburg May 23, 2018 · #23

#22 haha...if Rodin's fella ever blows he may have to have an S connected to the front of his creation :)

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Ken Boddie May 23, 2018 · #22

#20 Dostoyevski’s quote might explain why Rodin’s ‘Thinker’ always appears to me to be constipated. 🤢

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