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The Lazarus-effect of social media

I DM'ed my sister on FB (again). Sent her a nice pic of a funky cake for her birthday - her 60th; egad!! We talk a lot on Facebook these days, even though it's more one-sided than I'd like! I see her wonderful kids; one an astrophysicist teaching now at a famous school, and the other an intellectual genius doing wonderful political manoeuvrings for children (which means I don't really get what he does, but he has an altruistic fierceness for all things wrong).The Lazarus-effect of social media

Me and her as kids would sit in the bath tub together, slapping each others faces. It was FUN!! I once walked her straight into a metal lamp-post when we did the blind-man lead walking home from school. We used to scare each other faeces-less with what was climbing up the stairway. And we had to run and jump - from impressive distance - to hit our beds, because of the beasties that lived under. 

The Lazarus-effect of social media

Lord, I love her. And....I miss her achingly. She died in January 2015. I was there - had been there to 'see her out' from her terminal diagnosis until the end. It was a painfully poignant and beautiful experience, and my deepest privilege to care for her. Such a blessed intimacy is rare, even among those we love most. It helped us both make it a journey of dignity and sanctity, as it should be. I also 'saw out' our father...s'nuff said.

Best friends forever - my confidant,  sanctuary,  my BFF...etc. But, it leads me to my point: bloody social media :)

Each time her birthday rolls 'round, I get the reminder and can't seem to ignore it. Before I know it, I'm DM-ing her. Then I await a reply which doesn't come, which is probably for the best.