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The Lazarus-effect of social media

I DM'ed my sister on FB (again). Sent her a nice pic of a funky cake for her birthday - her 60th; egad!! We talk a lot on Facebook these days, even though it's more one-sided than I'd like! I see her wonderful kids; one an astrophysicist teaching now at a famous school, and the other an intellectual genius doing wonderful political manoeuvrings for children (which means I don't really get what he does, but he has an altruistic fierceness for all things wrong).The Lazarus-effect of social media

Me and her as kids would sit in the bath tub together, slapping each others faces. It was FUN!! I once walked her straight into a metal lamp-post when we did the blind-man lead walking home from school. We used to scare each other faeces-less with what was climbing up the stairway. And we had to run and jump - from impressive distance - to hit our beds, because of the beasties that lived under. 

The Lazarus-effect of social media

Lord, I love her. And....I miss her achingly. She died in January 2015. I was there - had been there to 'see her out' from her terminal diagnosis until the end. It was a painfully poignant and beautiful experience, and my deepest privilege to care for her. Such a blessed intimacy is rare, even among those we love most. It helped us both make it a journey of dignity and sanctity, as it should be. I also 'saw out' our father...s'nuff said.

Best friends forever - my confidant,  sanctuary,  my BFF...etc. But, it leads me to my point: bloody social media :)

Each time her birthday rolls 'round, I get the reminder and can't seem to ignore it. Before I know it, I'm DM-ing her. Then I await a reply which doesn't come, which is probably for the best.

According to Loop,  30 million Facebook users died in the first eight years of its existence. 428 of them die every hour, so they’re practically dropping like flies.

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Now, that's interesting, huh. Some of you probably know this, but our social media is full of dead people. It's curious how that could [possibly] be used against us in future, no? I can imagine the lines between reality and fiction becoming even more blurred....scary stuff. What about someone else using a deceased login and creating hell? Can we be judged as mentally unstable for talking to dead people? With her green light on every time I go to FB (rarely), I manage to overcome the desire to constant communication, but I'm drawn nonetheless. Unless you have their logins, you can't shut them down.

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According to Fusion (in link above), there will be more dead than alive profiles on FB come the end of the century.
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They contend that this is deliberate; shrines, of sorts. I think it equally likely we don't have each others logins simply because we change them all the time. Either way, what happens when social media goes silent or worse: one-way prattle? I'm sure FB & others will come to their senses before that and have a great culling. 

I would give anything to have my beloved sister back; she went too early. But I don't need more crazy in my life, tempting though it is. Our dad never got onto social media. Thank God!

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@Lisa Gallagher - you are mentioned in the text by @Lisa Vanderburg (it is the same as LI here - no mentioning in posts, only in comments)

I don't really know what to do or think about the situation, except that whether the accounts of the dead are helpful or hurtful is almost certainly a very personal decision, but I bet Lisa G definitely will have something to add that is poignant.

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