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What do we define as normal

What do we define as normal

My grandmother once shot my father’s eye out from 500 feet. Naturally, my father would tell you it was a fragment that ricocheted off something or other while he was doing something valiant; that’s what caused the loss of his eye. He would never admit to being shot, from that distance, from a woman; from a tiny black-clad veiled woman with a shotgun from her porch to the property line. She didn’t like Catholics apparently, which was rich given that she was a two-third Blackfoot Indian who survived her white husband by 30 years at the time. Her husband may once have been Protestant, but the sole time she darkened a church door was to kick his sheet-wrapped body off her wagon-bed onto their steps after a very brave preacher dared to send a message with the sheriff appealing to her to hand him over (she’d kept him cold in the basement where he had actually died of natural old age) for a ‘proper’ funeral. That would turn out to be her one act of loving kindness to a man that had stole her anyhoo.

Gotta say, that's both true and untrue - that actual details are really irrelevant. Like most of life as we see it, it's a perspective. So what's the difference between truth and perspective? Not one helluva lot, so far as I can see. Even if 90% of the above is true, how pivotal is the other 10%? Most us thirty-plus don't worry about this too's forgivable. Or, it's a story.

Don't matter. What I'm really trying to say is (1) I'm new here. and (2) I am leery of what I read. Sure I write, sure I have some brain-pops of my own. But I am concerned. Maybe overly cautious of other's motives. I need to say IMMEDIATELY that I am equally cautious of my own. Why? Because I 'suspect' I'm not like most of you - either driven to (oh so beautifully) share because you are behove to open up, or because you're actually sane and feel in control of your faculties, life, loves and work. I'm none, but I'm a survivor. One doesn't necessitate the other.

I suppose what I'm getting at (how would I know?) is that love - something I read on a popular post - Ani Anali -  is not a 'choice', it's a verification. Love is courage, un-applauded, unseen, unrequited. It's rather unconscious. I would to have love in a way that 'un-gimped' others have, but I don't. Doesn't stop me from loving.

I wouldn't mind being Ali - to know what he knows, to see through such clear eyes, to have his intelligence. But that ain't me. Don't get me wrong: we need people like him - like you. I guess we need less like me...where's the fun in that?

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#31 I'm touched @Deb Lange. Deeply grateful for you and @Deb Helfrich's support!

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#33 Thank you so much John! I'm not getting notifications on my email, so didn't know they were here!

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#33 To think @Lisa Vanderburg was worried she wouldn't be able to figure a new platform out....I told her we had a welcoming and accepting vibe around here, it makes me so happy to see how it really does happen spontaneously.

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@Lisa Vanderburg: Nice post. beBee has tweeted it out on several of our Twitter profiles. We hope it brings in some more bees (aka readers!)

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#20 Ha ha no worries @Lisa Vanderburg! Sounds like you've got a tough, no nonsense genetic ancestry. How are you at shooting, jumping fences, and pilfering bananas?!!


Dear @Lisa Vanderburg I love how you question yourself as you write, opening up your thinking, sensing, and musing and being totally transparent and authentic! beautiful to see you so clearly. xxx

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#28 #28 Hi @Lisa Vanderburg. I wonder if you have got your "hammer & chisel, calculator, sexton" ready!

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#25 Yay....I'm home then @Pascal Derrien!!

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