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SO WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?I apologize for being offline for the summer. I was under the weather, and my family has had five deaths this year, the latest was a  few weeks ago...when mom died. That's my mom there, Maxine. I was a "whoops" baby, my parents were building their retirement home when mom got pregnant with me! There's 16 years between my sister and I and 11 years between my brother and I.

I have found myself constantly explaining that as mom got older. She hated that. She hated being old. She was really a 30 year old woman trapped in a 94year olds body. She suffered with her arthritis. She walked miles at the local track. Then slipped in water in her kitchen, and fractured her upper and lower right leg and her hip. That began her slow slide into becoming an old woman. It was 2010. Seven years of pain. She had gotten over one hip fracture, and fractured the other side. She had to use a push scooter after that. HATED it. (It made her look old). That's what she said! She was well into her 80s when she said it too.

She started having to use a wheelchair just this past year. REALLY HATED that. I tried to get her to not worry so much about it~ I've had to use a wheelchair when I go out and about for the day...I get too tired and can't walk. It's how you look at things. I want to be able to get out and about it helps me do that. Mom learned how to motivate in it, and got quite speedy, zipping around her retirement home!

I loved that my mom 'thought' young, even if she wasn't. She put me on several magazine's lists that she would like...and embarrassed me to death. The postman must think I'm a long distance runner or something. It always was magazines like "Shape" and such. I blush. What I would do is collect them and bring them to her to read. She loved them! lol.

Mom was fun to be around. They nicknamed her "Red" at Elmcroft, where she lived. She has dyed her hair a vibrant red since she went grey. She asked me once, in a whisper "Do you think I should let my hair go grey?" I looked at her carrot top head...that was a bit orange sometimes....and I asked her "Does