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The Ultimate Way To Reduce Wrinkles

The Ultimate Way To Reduce Wrinkles

Since the beginning of human civilization, people have been concerned with living longer lives and defying all forms of aging, including skin aging. However, never before has such an advanced stage of skin science been seen as now, where in fact, more people are able to retain their vitality and their smooth skin longer.

Marisa Tomei, 51, Sandra Bullock, 52, Rob Lowe, 52, Vanessa Williams, 53, Liam Neeson, 64, Olivia Newton John, 68, Kim Basinger, 62, Julian Moore, 56 — They have all seemed to defy aging, not by completely evading wrinkles, but by gracefully slowing down the effects of aging not only to their skin but to their bodies as a whole. It’s possible!

Younger looking skin tips for women:

Yes, even for working women, it’s possible! With Derma Promedics and many other similar products in the market, you should be at an advantage compared to Cleopatra’s time. All she could do was rely on the raw, low concentration and therefore low likelihood for potency of various natural stuff she put on her skin. You, however, have science in your hands.

So, before you worry about which skin skin lightening cream, eye serum, hydrating mask or sunscreen to use, the first order of the day is to get your skincare routine right.

Step 1: Protect yourself from damaging UV rays. Sunscreen is your best bet to fight off photoaging but, keep in mind that none of these products is capable of shielding you from UVA and UVB rays by 100%.

Compared to others, your work environment may be exposing you to other types of radiation as well, in which case, you should apply sunscreen whenever you’re on duty, regardless if its morning or night.

Step 2: Protect your skin some more. Give your skin an antioxidant boost. Consider incorporating a Vitamin C serum in your daytime and nighttime regimen. Get more antioxidants from your food and drinks too. Load up on your veggies and citrus by trading your soda with blended fresh smoothies, and your coffee for a cup of green or black tea.

Step 3: Cleanse, tone and moisturize. Three basic steps for healthier skin. Make sure your skin is free from impurities. The nature of your work dictates you need more than just ordinary moisturizers. What you need is a good boost of vitamins, peptides, collagen, and moisture-sustaining ingredients like hyaluronic acid and coenzyme Q10 to help your skin fight the stressful conditions during your duty — impatient patients, demanding caregivers, lack of sleep and physical stress.

You need products like Derma Promedics to help you get the protective and regenerative functions you can derive from a topical anti-aging solution.

Step 4: Pamper your skin when you’re off duty. After your basic routine and right before hitting the sheets following a good 24 hours of duty, put on a moisturizing mask or a cold mask on y