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6 Ways to Style Your Living Room Bookshelves Units

One of the classic and most attractive areas of a living room is the bookshelf. This space not only allows you an area to hold and organize your books, but can also be turned into a creative decorating section that adds style to your living room. If you want to rearrange your bookshelves or just want to freshen up the look, here are six styling ideas to try.

Keep it classic. If your taste is more traditional, try grouping similar books together while leaving a little space on the shelf to create some breathing room. You may want to use matching bookends to create this look. Also, consider stacking some groups of books while standing other books in rows to create some diversity. The point of this style is to not make your shelves look cluttered or crowded. Less is more with a classic look.

6 Ways to Style Your Living Room Bookshelves UnitsContinue your bookshelf design throughout the living room. This can be a great way to complement the overall style of the living room. You can even add some décor to the outside of the shelves, such as a clock or other hanging pieces to create depth or just another level of style. You can wait to buy bookshelves on sale, if what works well with your decor does not fit in your budget.

Add items that aren’t books. Bookshelves certainly don’t have to include just books. Mix books with other things that are important to your families, such as framed pictures, family heirlooms, candles, plates, collectibles, signs with your favorite quotes, or a vase with your favorite flowers. You may even style the shelves with items of similar color to create a unique but unified look. For example, if you like a beach theme, consider using items that are light blue, white and turquoise. If you like a rustic, outdoors style, using dark brown, gold and items made of leather.

Color-code your bookshelf unit. If you have many books or series of books to store, separate them into color groups. They don’t all have to be the exact same color or design, but group all books that have the same dominant color. Then you can add more decorative elements that match or attenuate those colors. This also creates a way to organize your book collection while providing a burst of color to your living room.

Keep it colorless. An opposite approach from the last idea is to go mono-chromic. This is using books and décor that is primarily white, black, greyscale or silver. This can create a classy, clean look. It matches well with white walls or a living room style or to the furniture in the room such as the tv cabinets,  entertainment units or study desk that values simplicity and minimalism. Going this route can also create a more spacious feel in your living room.

Tell a story with lots of pictures. Adding your favorite memories to your favorite books is a great way to style your bookshelves for a more personal look. Using smaller picture frames of similar design placed throughout the shelves can also show guests what important to you. Consider using pictures of your kids, family vacations or just of things that are important to you.

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