Lizzie 28 en Sexuality 2/7/2016 · 1 min de lectura · ~100

The begining of the good stuff

I didnt know where to start. I was 26 and determined to figure out what was so great about sex. Sense I had been so closed off I was niether here nor there with the idea of sex and didnt understand the hype. I scrolled google not really knowing where to start. It seemed self exploration and learning how to make yourself get off was the recommended first step. I can admit that I did feel silly not already knowing this. For years I just figured one day I'dThe begining of the good stuff find an amazing partner and the rest would be history. Im so glad I pushed past any pride or embarrassment I may have had to do this research. Self exploration was the best thing I did for myself sexually ! I started by reading articles on why we masturbate , why its healthy to masturbate. I read "how to" articles on different masturbation techniques and watched videos of other women masturbating. This was my first and most beneficial step , and yes I've stuck with everything I have learned.