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How to Take Care of Your Shag Pile Carpet: 3 Ways to Keep it Clean

How to Take Care of Your Shag Pile Carpet: 3 Ways to Keep it Clean

A shag pile carpet is a beautiful statement piece which instantly adds a focal talking point to any room. Made from a thick pile, the use of such tall pile yarns gives it its distinctive shaggy appearance. Having made a comeback in popularity in recent years, a shag pile carpet also delivers added warmth underfoot.

Unfortunately, some people remain skeptical about purchasing a shag pile carpet. They believe them to be extremely high maintenance. However, with a few simple techniques, they are surprisingly simple to take care of.

The Basics of Looking After Your Shag Pile Carpet

A shag pile carpet should preferably remain plush. But through dense traffic areas, it can become flat over a short space of time. It can also lose that luxuriousness as it begins to look discolored. There are three easy ways of cleaning any shag pile carpet. These are the standard dry vacuuming method, the dry shampooing method, and the steam cleaning method:

1. Dry Vacuuming a Shag Pile Carpet

A vacuum cleaner can be used as regularly as is necessary to care for a shag pile carpet. It is better to select a vacuum cleaner that adjusts the cleaning head to the high pile method. Thus, it will offer a more efficient suction. Getting the option right is paramount if you are to maintain your carpet for longer. Anything too forceful could snag or pull at the strands, thus tearing them from the carpet.

2. Dry Shampooing a Shag Pile Carpet

For an occasional freshen-up of your shag pile carpet, you can sprinkle the carpet with a dry carpet shampoo solution and allow this to infiltrate through the carpet for around an hour or so, and then just vacuum it up. This instantly revitalizes your carpet and puts a bit of life back into it on a regular basis.

3. Steam Cleaning a Shag Pile Carpet

Finally, for a more effective deep and powerful clean, you can steam clean your shag pile carpet once or twice a year. This will increase its performance in the home. This way, you can reach the buildup of dirt and debris that may not always be picked up so easily with routine dry vacuuming. The trick here is to make sure not to over wet the carpet, as shag pile carpets hold much more moisture than the usual cut pile carpets and can take longer to dry.

The Importance of Using a Vacuum Cleaner

A good quality vacuum cleaner is vital for anybody who owns a shag pile carpet! A vacuum cleaner remains the best choice of cleaning methods. You can use it regularly to remove as much surface dirt as possible. This is essential for reaching any dust or dirt that can become trapped deeper down within the pile over time.

No other method of cleaning achieves such good results or is as efficient when it comes to cleaning a shag pile carpet. If dirt is allowed to build up, it will eventually grind away at the carpets essential fibers which result in breaking them down and wearing them out.

With just a few simple alterations to its upkeep, you can give your shag pile carpet the due care and attention that it thoroughly deserves. Ultimately, you will have a carpet that will remain not only stylish but looks as good as new for many years to come.