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Can Clutter and Chaos Make You Fat?

Can Clutter and Chaos Make You Fat?

In his excellent post, Declutter Your Desk to Declutter Your Mind, Brett Berhoff wrote about the clutter-mind connection.  In my line of work, I can say without question that physical clutter and chaos is directly linked to excessive weight.

Clutter and excessive weight make a perfect match for each other—they both represent an imbalance. Over the years, and as I work with clients over weeks or months at a time and get to know them very well, those living in cluttered homes or offices are struggling not only with the volume of ‘stuff’ but also with their weight.  Please understand: I’m not suggesting that all cluttered people are overweight.  It’s not that simple.  But my experience tells me that this connection is no coincidence.  In some cases, one problem may encourage the other to develop.

Clutter leads to chaos.  Chaos breeds sloppiness, and that sloppiness too often extends to one’s food habits and other areas of life.  For those who struggle with weight, clutter and chaos is a sure recipe for weight gain because clutter, chaos and disorganization often represents loss of control.  Feeling out of control is bad for one's eating habits (or any bad habits we're trying to change for the better).

I have some clients who, for example, often (and more than once) ask for copies of previously given paperwork: