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"It's Under Control" . . . Is It?

"It's Under Control" . . . Is It?

Not surprisingly, I meet many people who have all the various medical issues associated with being overweight and obese: diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, acid reflux, insulin resistance . . . just to name a few. Unfortunately, I find that too many have a very cavalier attitude about it. When I question whether or not they really understand a particular medical issue, how it affects their body, how dangerous it can be long-term, etc., what I hear back from them so often, and usually with a wave of the hand, is “It’s under control” . . . because they’re on prescription drugs.


I emphasize to clients that ‘under control’ means ‘only at that time.’ In other words, a doctor will prescribe medications under a specific set of circumstances, to respond to certain symptoms, and after evaluating lab results on a given day. However, as a result of the cumulative effect of being overweight or obese for a sustained period of time—and certainly with more weight gain—circumstances, symptoms and lab results change for the worse . . . and dosages of medications are increased. 

For most people, taking any medications is only a stop-gap. When you’re overweight or obese, being complacent and willing to settle for ‘it’s under control’ is very misguided. It means, in essence, that you’re OK with a pill (or multiple pills per day) being in control of your health; that you’re willing to settle for the ease of that rather than the hard work required to change the conditions requiring them. 

I see clients every day who, as they get closer to a healthier weight, have the number of meds and dosages lowered . . . until eventually, for so many, no prescription drugs are necessary at all. Slowly, they become more in control of their bodies and their health.