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Obesity Is A Boobies Trap

Obesity Is A Boobies Trap

"You have breast cancer.”

Those four words can make a woman buckle at the knees. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a good time to address the issue because of the relationship between obesity and breast cancer —and make no mistake: There IS a relationship. The sex hormones estrogen and progesterone are known to increase risk of breast cancer.

See this toxic fat?

Obesity Is A Boobies Trap

If you're an overweight or obese woman, you've got plenty of that . . . and it produces estrogen . . . and that ain't good.

When an overweight/obese woman is post-menopausal, although her ovaries have stopped producing estrogen, she still continues to produce it in her fat tissue—where androgens (male hormones), made primarily in the adrenal glands, are converted to estrogen. When an overweight/obese female is pre-menopausal and still in her menses years, she’s getting a double-dose of estrogen, both from her ovaries and her fat. The three estrogen factors to remember:

  • The more body fat a female has, the more estrogen she produces.

  • Estrogen fuels tumor growth (cancer cells love estrogen). The more a woman feeds her fat cells, the more she feeds any cancer cells, the more aggressive the cancer.

  • High levels of post-menopausal estrogen can stimulate abnormal breast cell growth, which leads to more rapid development of estrogen-positive breast cancers.

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