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The "I Don't Knows" of Weight Loss

The "I Don't Knows" of Weight LossThree words I hear an awful lot, daily . . . let's call them some of the 'buzz words' of weight loss, are: “I don’t know.” Some examples.

Before the client gets on the scale.

    Me: So, how’d you do over the weekend?
    Client: I don’t know.

When the scale shows a weight gain.

    Me: So, what happened? 
    Client: I don’t know.

When a client has no diary.

    Me: How come?
    Client: I don’t know.

When a client has over- or under-eaten?

    Me: Why?
    Client: I don’t know.

When a client has gone off the rails.

    Me: What happened?
    Client: I don’t know.

When I a client says ‘it was like a cup’ or ‘it was about 4 oz.’

    Me: Why didn’t you weigh and measure  instead of guessing?
    Client: I don’t know.

Again, these are just a few examples, but here's what they all have in common.

  • Every time, clients did in fact know why they did or did not do something.  In all cases, they made a choice NOT to do something they should have or TO DO something they shouldn’t. 
  • Every time, clients got the results of the actions they took yet hoped to get the results they wanted

Do people who are trying to lose (and maintain)