Another Day in Loriland - Whatcha Really Really Want? = Dinner, Or Good Luck This Valentines Day

Another Day in Loriland - Whatcha Really Really Want? = Dinner, Or Good Luck This Valentines DayThere is this thing among men (at least the men I know) that women can never decide on a restaurant. We can never make up our minds.

Well, here is the secret to that. When I am asked where I want to go to eat, and I say, "I don't care it's up to you". I honestly don't care, as long as there is something there we both can enjoy. But it seems like men, respond with the most obviously awful choice, and I turn it down because it is so very very bad. Why guys? Why? Is it to just start the argument?

It's as of they are looking for the negativity. Or maybe to perpetuate stereotypes? Or maybe you think it's funny?

"Where do you want to eat tonight babe?" 

"I don't care, what do you feel like having?"

"How about "insert some fast-food restaurant here"" --- do you want to know why I said no? Because I am trying to eat healthier - you know that, and 75% of the time I am not going to want a burger or pizza. So why immediately offer something you know I don't want, because you want a burger? How about a place that serves burgers AND stuff I will eat?

This is not rocket science guys. Especially if you have had any amount of time with the woman you are complaining about. If you know what foods she eats, then why do you pick a place she won't be able to eat at? 

She is telling you, I want you to be happy, you decide. Then she is dumbfounded when you don't include her needs at all in your choice. She'll literally eat anything that is not a hamburger and fries, you know that and you pick In-And-Out. DUH

Here's an example of a recent encounter with dinner... 

After getting all dressed up to spend the day volunteering at a non-profit event, that evening I was starving, so I made the suggestion we go somewhere for a nice steak dinner. The man I was talking to then said, "you mean the Sizzler?"

No, I didn't f'ing mean the Sizzler! This is a man who has known me a very long time. He literally half laughed when he said it too. You don't need to be dressed up for Sizzler. I am not knocking Sizzler, but there are at least 20 other nicer places between us and Sizzler, and he knew I meant nice. I wanted to go out to a nice place, with real napkins and ambiance. Maybe even a little romantic. 

Whatcha really, really want here Lori? I knew exactly...

So, I took the reins. I told him where I wanted to go, and when we got there I told him exactly what I wanted to eat. We had the best time. The food was fantastic. We shared a steak for two that was melt-in-your-mouth awesome, and some wonderful vegie sides. He had a great time, and so did I.  (yes, it was more expensive, and yes he could afford it, and I would never ask to be taken somewhere we couldn't afford to go together)

And you know what? Now????? ****  I am too bossy. (insert eye roll here)

When it comes to men and women going out to dinner, you might as well take two cars, but I can tell you this, if you would just put an ounce of thought into it before you pick a restaurant after you've been told she doesn't care, you could choose a place that suits both, and totally avoid the fight. You'd pick up some points by showing you actually know what she likes too! That is what she cares about!

You cannot have it both ways. If you really want her to choose, and actually make the decision, you cannot call her bossy afterward!

Good luck this Valentines Day!


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