Holiday Event Season is Upon Us! How will your Non-Profit promote events in social media?

Holiday Event Season is Upon Us! How will your Non-Profit promote events in social media?

Giving back is important. Here at Hive we know there are many wonderful non-profits across the country working hard to raise funds and provide programs that help communities. In the effort to give back, Hive is looking to help.

We are looking for a non-profit that is struggling with Social Media. Is your Facebook page not getting the traffic you would like? Are reviews, and "Likes" few and far between? Do you have events? Would like to see more Word-of-Mouth comments from your donors or event attendees and create that kind of content for your social pages? Would you like a better way to collect data from those who attend, so you can include them in future events and fundraisers?

Hive would like to help. We are looking for one non-profit organization, based in the USA, to receive our Hive web-based marketing platform and toolkit for free, for one year. There is so much it can do in an automated way, a volunteer can run it. There is a catch: the non-profit would need to find a sponsor to cover the cost of equipment, but we have a plan for that too, and can keep those costs very low. (requires wifi, ipad, and a stand - and maybe two or three if you have very large events) Your sponsor can send out a coupon or promotion with every social post! Sweet!

To learn more about Hive, go to

To be considered, please email Lori Mullins Johnson at and include the following information:

  • Organization name:
  • Contact Name:
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Mission Statement
  • Number of Social Events per year. (List: galas, runs, luncheons, seminars, trainings, etc...) Events where supporters gather. Please include the number who attend each event.
  • Non-profit Tax ID Number -must be a 501(c)(3)
  • If you have questions,  please email those too. You must apply by October 31, 2016.
With Hive, you get the reach of a Facebook ad without the cost. #BuildYourBuzz  #Hive  #iSocialHive