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Customer service lessons from dogs

Customer service lessons from dogs

Dogs are some of the most beloved animals on this earth, and even people who don’t like them usually just don’t want to deal with taking care of an animal. How do they get so much love and attention? By marketing themselves like a boss. Here are some customer service lessons, thanks to Forbes, you can get from a dog.

Show people the love

Every time you walk in the door, your dog is likely excited and jumping all over you to show it. Could you imagine if customer service representatives acted this way? Of course, maybe they should avoid jumping all over your customers, but it is good practice to make customers feel like they are wanted and that you are happy they have come to you. When a customer contacts you, whether by email, text, call, or actually coming in to your store, you should always start by recognizing their presence and thanking them for coming to you.

Look at them in the eyes

Dogs are known for their ability to look you in the eyes and mean it. Customer service reps should do the same thing. When a customer walks through the store, eye contact is a great way to greet them and is important to keep up throughout a conversation.

Love them even when they don’t love you

As humans, we are imperfect, and when we yell at our dog out of frustration, he never yells back. Instead, the pup will snuggle back up until we feel okay. This is the perfect approach as a customer service rep when customers are approach you with anger or frustration. Rather than getting upset back, take a step back, let the customer vent their frustration, then try to figure out how to make them feel better.

Happy, happy, happy

Have you ever noticed how happy dogs are? Every. Single. Day. They are happy about their life. While being a customer service agent isn’t always filled with as much happiness as a dog’s life, it is important that representatives strive to find happiness in what they are doing. A customer can tell when the person they are working with isn’t happy, and it leaves them feeling unhappy with their experience too.

One person gets attention at a time

Dogs love people, but they are usually only able to give one person attention at a time. When you are in front of them, you get their whole attention. Customer service people should do the same. While text marketing is a good way to get the individual attention of one person, and it is especially helpful when you have two way texting, it is important that customer service is not distracted with extra things when helping a customer.

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Source: forbes.com/sites/micahsolomon/2016/10/24/my-dog-the-customer-service-expert/#25cf333255ed

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mohammed khalaf Nov 7, 2016 · #2

Very wise counsel. If I may add the mere thought of guests as objects with which one can manipulate in some way is a gross misperception of humanity --ultimately one with such a belief will see that we are only "doing things to ourselves".

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Cat got my tongue, but I like it.