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Small Business Marketing Tips to Compete

Small Business Marketing Tips to Compete

Competing with large companies such as Walmart and Amazon seems daunting, especially for small businesses. Trying to find a way to reach customers and keep prices affordable at the same time are two of the biggest challenges small businesses face when competing with the big guys. Fortunately, there are many ways a small business can stay just as competitive, if not more, as the big brand stores, and it is all because of the internet.

Before widespread use of the internet, small businesses were limited to the audience they could reach. It was really only possible to advertise to the fe people who lived in your town or nearby. Now, however, a business can sell products online and send them all over the world. It gives companies an opportunity to reach their same audience throughout the world instead of hoping to find a large enough audience in their one area.

Use of Artificial Intelligence

A small business can compete much better through the use of artificial intelligence (AI). The availability and capabilities of AI over the years has increased dramatically, especially recently. It can be used throughout your company to help in decision making, but it is especially effective in the marketing and customer service departments. While having real people to help make final decisions is important, AI can actually automate a lot. You can use a chatbot to communicate with customers who text or chat customer service. It can also be used to automate marketing decisions. An artificial intelligence company can help you get AI setup for your small business, so you can start competing in a meaningful way


In today’s world, personalization is everything. Generic advertising isn’t as effective as it used to be, and people are more likely to actually buy what you are selling if it is something they want or need. Companies are using AI to send ads to customers that apply to their situations and even location based advertising, which is one of the hottest new trends. A customer is more likely to visit if they are already close by than making a special trip.