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Louis Gerard Saliot, the Man Who Turned a Barren Land into a Tourist Hub

The amazing island of Fiji is a remarkable tourist destination in the world. Geographically, Fiji is situated in the South Pacific Ocean. There are 333 islands in the island nation, Fiji, but only 110 of them all are inhabitable. With more than one hundred species of flora, the country is a real paradise for the nature lovers. There are several conservation areas which are set up on the island to protect them.

Louis Gerard Saliot, the Man Who Turned a Barren Land into a Tourist Hub

Fiji is a perfect destination for those looking for an eco-friendly adventure. Being a visitor, you can enjoy plenty of different adventure activities in the Koro Sea. The magical islands of Fiji are surrounded by divine beauty and numerous beautiful life forms.

Though the absence of world-class infrastructure once was a problem for the Fijian tourism industry, it has sorted out now. Understanding the demand for the tourism industry in Fiji, Louis Gerard Saliot took the task of transforming this barren land into an international tourist hub in his own hands. He began making eco-friendly tourist spots in the nation, and Natadola marine project is one his significant achievements as well as contributions to the Fijian tourism industry.

Natadola Project

From the beginning, the Natadola project was designed and aimed at turning the barren islands of Fiji into a world-class tourist destination. Today, it’s immensely covered by lavish villas, resorts, hotels, and a big golf course. The project has helped not only in boosting the growth of Fijian travel industry but also generating jobs and occupations for many local youngsters in the country. It has now become a great hub ever made in Fiji for tourists. The Government of Fiji awarded Louis Gerard Saliot for his brilliant efforts and contributions to the Natadola project.

With an experience of more than 35 years in the real estate, Saliot is the owner and CEO of Euro-Asia Management Group, a leading company providing various expertise including project management, project development, and ancillary services for Tourism, Leisure, Hospitality and Real Estate Industry.

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