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  Hector Jesus Fong Mendoza in beBee in English, Inglês, Inglés

These are questions I ask my clients often. 

They are very appropriate questions that encourage my clients to rethink their current situations
and help them to redirect to new possibilities and freedom from Anxiety and Depression.

Hector Jesus Fong Mendoza you have explained a core principle
these questions have no right or wrong answer
 just asking the right question is the answer in itself 

Stages of Change

Before I read  Hector Jesus Fong Mendoza 's buzz 

I was at the  Pre-Contemplation stage

Right now I am in between the stages of
Pre-Contemplationand and Contemplation

So I'm going to try it out to see if the questions will help me free my mind to move on to the Preparation Stage

I rarely have time to do this so here goes .......

 1. How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?
Most people guess I'm in my late 30's but I think 40 - 46 years is close to the mark

2. What could be worse, fail or never have tried?
Definitely to have never tried ! Besides I rarely fail at goals I am motivated to achieve

3. Why do we do things we don't like and why don't we do so many things we like?
     As a helper and an empath, I feel obligated or it's part of my job so I need to readjust my boundaries continuously
     so I  have time for myself to do the things I like

4. You usually say more than you do?
I don't do this
     If I say I will do something I do it
     I tell my clients to remind me if I haven't as I am human and occassionally forget things
     But also communications using digital channels can get lost, turn up days late or disappear

5. What would you most like to see change in the world?
Countries, governments, politicians, bureaurocrats and businesses co-operate to solve problems
     and ensure there is enough for each person in the world to live above the respective povery level

6. What kind of work would make you rich with happiness and not money?
The work I do now. I am a psychologist in my own private practice.
      I have a lot of clients who live on or below the povery level     
     people who have diabilities, elderly on pensions, who can't work due to workplace accidents, single parents,
    addiction clients      
    for whom I bulk bill, write letters and reports for free, give them the time they need

7. Are you doing what you want or are you settling for what you do?
After a whole lifetime of teaching disability, elementary, high school and online
     and 12 years of part time study, I am finally doing what I want (See Q 6)

8. If you were to live only 40 years, what would the rest of your life be like?
I have to admit I would change my job to totally online and travel the world.

9. What level of responsibility do you have in the course of your life?
I am the eldest of 4 children who grew up in a family with very little
    My father died when I was 6
    Since then I have had and still have an extemely high level of responsibility

10. Are you more concerned about doing things right or right?                                        
I like to do things right where ever possible

       However if some things that are right do not agree with my values,
       I would evaluate the situation and do what I think is right 
       but not necessarily what is "perceived" by others to be right
11. How would you react if three people you admire and respect criticize a friend of yours in an unpleasant and unjustified way?

       At first  I would be mortified then I would wonder if they were going insane or were
       just very stressed
       It would depend on the content as to whether I would defend my friend or not

12. What advice would you give a child to implement his or her whole life?
       Start how you mean to go on
       Make careful not impulsive decisions
       Find out your passion and work hard to achieve it
       Take time to care first for yourself and also for others

13. Would you be able to break the law just by saving a loved one?
First response is YES but maybe that's too impulsive and taking some time to look at it in more detail
        and find resources  would help them more

14. Did you ever do anything that seemed crazy and turned out to be a great opportunity?

15. What do you do to differentiate yourself from other people?
I know who I am I don't worry too much what others think or gossip about me

16. Why do you think what makes you happy doesn't make others happy?
Too hard basket

17. What is it that you haven't yet dared to do and what is stopping you from making it happen?
Extending my practive to a Community Centre providing needed services and excellent coffee
        Time, Money, Expertise

18. You holding on to something you should let go of?
Not my dog's lead !

19. Where else in the world would you like to live and why?
Australia will always be my home any other place would be temporary
       But I'd like to try to learn Spanish and live in Spain

20. Do you usually push the lift button more than once? You think that'll make it go faster?      
No once and I wait

21. You'd rather be a "preoccupied genius" or a "cheerful fool"?

22. Why is that you?
I am happy to be me although to be a bit taller would be handy -  I'm 4' 12"

23. Are you the kind of friend you wish you had as a friend?
My friends tell me that I am

24. Is it worse than a good friend leaving or losing contact with a close friend?
Both as bad as each other I hate saying goodbye to people I am close to

25. What are you most grateful for?
My education

26. Would you rather lose your old memories or not be able to create new ones?
Lose my old memories best to look forward

27. Is it possible to know the truth without questioning it?
Too D'n'M    Pass

28. Has your greatest fear come true?
I don't have one so I don't know

29. Remember that time five years ago when you were so upset and if the reason still matters today?
Yes I remember It still hurts a little bit

30. What is your memory of the happiest childhood and why is it special?       
I loved to go into the veggie garden with my Grandfather

31. When did you feel most alive and passionate?
Too much info

32. If not now, when?

33. What have you got to lose in your quest to reach your goals?
Not much   maybe sleep

34. Have you had quiet moments with someone and still feel wonderful?
Yes sometimes even with complete strangers

35. Why do those who support love generate wars?
        Love is  a smoke screen because they really support oil, money and power

36. Is it possible to know in advance what is good and what is bad?
Of course ! My life experience counts for a lot 

37. Would you quit your job if you won a million dollars in the lottery?
No but I would go travelling OS every year

38. Would you rather have less work or do more than you like?
As I am fast becoming an old lady who needs her peace and quiet, I prefer to have less work

39. Do you feel that you have experienced this day several times already?
No -  no dejavu capacity but highly developed intuition and insight into other peopls

40. When was the last time you went into the "darkness" of uncertainty only with the "dim light" of an idea
       you had full confidence in?

        In July 1997, when I started studying Psychology at University of Queensland and had to pass 6 Semesters
        of statistics, damn lies and statistics !

41. Who would you visit today if the world ends tomorrow?
My brother, sister-in-law and 7yo nephew

42. Would you be willing to reduce 10 years of your existence by being famous or extremely attractive?
Definitely NOT they are both way over rated 

43. What is the main difference between "being alive" and "living for real"?                                                 
Being alive is dragging myself grudgingly about my work
        Living for real is having a purpose and doing what I really love

44. When is the right time to stop calculating risks and rewards and start walking the right path?
When I finish writing my business plan

45. Why are we always afraid to make mistakes, if they are learning?
I hate to look stupid or dumb but I worked on it successfully due to thousands of adolescents

46. What else would you do if no one were to judge you?                                     
I'd be a marine biologist to save the Great Barrier Reef

47. When was the last time you stopped to hear the sound of your own breath?           
This morning

48. How do you express love to those around you or for the things you like to do?
Kisses, hugs, caring, cooking them dinner, giving them flowers from my garden
       Focussing to do the best I can

49. Will you remember in five years' time what you did today, yesterday or tomorrow?
Possibly as it's New Year's Eve

50. Are the decisions you are making right now for yourself or do you allow others to make them for you?
I am very relieved to be able to make my own decisions for the first time in my life

So that's it. I tried to answer truthfully but you can tell the ones I didn't as they are a bit flippant !

Best Question                        
What advice would you give a child to implement his or her whole life?                                                           
Most Inane Question 
Would you be willing to reduce 10 years of your existence by being famous
or extremely attractive?
Most Difficult Question 
Remember that time five years ago when you were so upset
and if the reason still matters today?
Most Surprising 
Who would you visit today if the world ends tomorrow?

Thank you  Hector Jesus Fong Mendoza for this interesting task

I think I am well on the way to Contemplation now

Toowoomba Flower Festival Q Australia

Louise Smith    
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Make Positive Life Changes;
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Deal with Depression, Anxiety, Anger and Stress
Cope with Workplace Issues - Team work, Setting Goals, Problem solving

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Louise Smith 24/2/2018 · #23

#22 Thank you @Cyndi wilkins
I would be too !

Cyndi wilkins 23/2/2018 · #22

OOOF...If I were to live only forty years I'd be dead...Might help to know that coming in;-) Fun buzz @Louise Smith!

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Hector Fong 11/2/2018 · #21

#20 This is Louise's friend and it has been very rewarding
@Louise Smith

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We wrote a GREAT buzz together @Hector Fong !

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#18 #18 Obrigado, amiga Louise, beijos!

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#16 Thanks Geraldo Friend A big hug! @Geraldo Passofundo Fernandes

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Louise Smith 16/1/2018 · #17

#15 Congratulations, friend Hector, you are very successful in your excellent subject, proven by the great amount of positive interactions. A big hug!

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Hector Fong 16/1/2018 · #16

#15 Obrigado geraldo friend A grande abraço !@Geraldo Passofundo Fernandes

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