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Smoke & Mirrors

Smoke & Mirrors

                                                                     Obfuscation is my new favourite word !

Obfuscation is the obscuring of the intended meaning of communication by making the message difficult to understand, usually with confusing and ambiguous language 

It's like a company or organisation with 

1. Shareholders                             Unrealistic                     Expectations Down
2. President                                    Obfuscation                 Experts Up & Down 
3. Executive                                    Obfuscation                 Experts Up & Down
4. Middle Management               Obfuscation                 Experts Up & Down
5. Worker                                         Mushroom                   busy trying to survive by making a living

                                                                         Obfuscation is my new favourite word !

Obfuscation is the obscuring of the intended meaning of communication by making the message difficult to understand, usually with confusing and ambiguous language 

Smoke & Mirrors

I've put up with politics in every work place I've been in.
As I aged gracefully, I learnt how to stay out of major drama

But it's everywhere, encouraged by all types of media & even by the President of USA

I am totally underwhelmed by drama

I want a quiet life

I'm tired of struggling to constantly prove I can do my job,
jumping through a merry go round of hoops
where the hoops are the same
but their names/titles mysteriously change every 5 - 10y

It's like nature / nurture

Phonics / look & say reading approaches

Rote / experiential learning (How did you learn your times tables?)

% / criteria / KPIs / OPs / TEs ......

There is nothing new under the sun  
just the endless recycling of unnecessary Promotions 

with accompanying Ground Breaking theories, research & practice....

That's why History is now rarely taught in High School

Leaders (?) don't want us to learn from our mistakes

               We might learn to see through their rhetorical palaver

               We might expect them to work for the common good

               We might hold them accountable

               We might expect to be treated with equity

               We might expect to be treated with respect

                which after all           
                                                        between equals is freely given


Louise Smith        PSYCHOLOGIST 

(Assoc MAPS) (QCT), B. A. (Hons) (Psych) (Japanese & Music), Dip. T. Prim. & Spec. Ed. (Hearing Impaired)

ICHP Foundation Certificate Course in Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy                                               2012
Comprehensive Training Clinical Hypnosis & Strategic Psychotherapy (Yapko):100-Hours                     2013 & 2016
Expanding Your Skills in Applying Hypnosis Strategically (Yapko):4 days Intermediate                                   2015

Make Positive Life Changes - 
Improve Assertiveness and Self Esteem
Deal with Depression, Anxiety, Anger and Stress
Cope with Workplace Issues - Team work, Setting Goals, Problem solving

 Enoggera Health Practice  -  Brisbane Queensland Australia         Email:

Louise Smith 20/8/2018 · #25

#24 Ahhh Sigh @Paul Walters when I look at your profile pic - I always imagine you are in Scandinavia
COOL Walters ! Still Walters ! Deep Walters ! Fjords & such like...

Then today I checked & I remembered the same as when I did so the last time that you live in Bali ?

{ That was when I had a gecko at this post
https://www.bebee.com/producer/@https-twitter-com-paulvwalters/taking-a-peek-at-the-peak-district }

'Cause you seem ofay (au fait ) with things Aussie
I thought that was unusual for a Northern Hemi

I have been in some small quakes in Tokyo - a few times Richter 5 or 6 - everything shook
I mean everything
The glasses in the overhead cabinets were playing like an automated xylophone
- One time I thought I'd drunk too much
- Another I had to lean heavily on the lectern while teaching English to the class
- Yet another literally the second I stood up out of bed (Western style not a futon on the floor) I was swaying
I thought I had the dreaded lurgy with hallucinations, sweats & worse as I always got it in the Japanese Winter
Even though I religiously got the jab & paid for it before I left Aus, the GPs never mentioned to me that it was 6 months behind
So I was always exposed to the new Season's germs & inevitably succumbed
The year I lived there, Japanese People I knew (& didn't know) took great glee at telling me
I was there in the worst Winter in the last 10 years ( juu nenkan buri warukatta ! )

Paul Walters 20/8/2018 · #24

#23 @Louise Smith I do and I highly recommend it although we are having an earthquake or two right now

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Louise Smith 21/6/2018 · #23

#18 Yes @Lisa Vanderburg You don't know how many times, I wish I lived on a tropical island !

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Claire L Cardwell 21/6/2018 · #22

#21 Not sure should we hold a seance @Gerald Hecht?

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Gerald Hecht 21/6/2018 · #21

#17 Claire Caldwell, is there an actual user interface here anymore?

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Gerald Hecht 21/6/2018 · #20

#19 This response was to 

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Gerald Hecht 21/6/2018 · #19

#17 sterotypical, no stereotypical, no; wuzzit when you stereopathy, no —man I should know this one. Okay,  I do, but  I like watching this interface mangle what I type, it’s obfuscation at its stereotypical best

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Lisa Vanderburg 20/6/2018 · #18

We have gone too far, lovely @Louise Smith! Peace and quite is looking ahead; we won't find it here.

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