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Smoke & Mirrors

Smoke & Mirrors

                                                                     Obfuscation is my new favourite word !

Obfuscation is the obscuring of the intended meaning of communication by making the message difficult to understand, usually with confusing and ambiguous language 

It's like a company or organisation with 

1. Shareholders                             Unrealistic                     Expectations Down
2. President                                    Obfuscation                 Experts Up & Down 
3. Executive                                    Obfuscation                 Experts Up & Down
4. Middle Management               Obfuscation                 Experts Up & Down
5. Worker                                         Mushroom                   busy trying to survive by making a living

                                                                         Obfuscation is my new favourite word !

Obfuscation is the obscuring of the intended meaning of communication by making the message difficult to understand, usually with confusing and ambiguous language 

Smoke & Mirrors

I've put up with politics in every work place I've been in.
As I aged gracefully, I learnt how to stay out of major drama

But it's everywhere, encouraged by all types of media & even by the President of USA

I am totally underwhelmed by drama

I want a quiet life

I'm tired of struggling to constantly prove I can do my job,
jumping through a merry go round of hoops
where the hoops are the same
but their names/titles mysteriously change every 5 - 10y

It's like nature / nurture

Phonics / look & say reading approaches

Rote / experiential learning (How did you learn your times tables?)

% / criteria / KPIs / OPs / TEs ......

There is nothing new under the sun  
just the endless recycling of unnecessary Promotions 

with accompanying Ground Breaking theories, research & practice....

That's why History is now rarely taught in High School

Leaders (?) don't want us to learn from our mistakes

               We might learn to see through their rhetorical palaver

               We might expect them to work for the common good

               We might hold them accountable

               We might expect to be treated with equity

               We might expect to be treated with respect

                which after all           
                                                        between equals is freely given


Louise Smith        PSYCHOLOGIST 

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Louise Smith Hace 2 d · #16

@Phil Friedman Hello ! Choke on the Smoke ? See ourselves dying ? Peace after death ? I know a good therapist who does telehealth !

Yes "The neat trick in life is learning to embrace the dialectic without becoming unkind. " is one of my main maxims.

No obfuscation and mood-inducement about it ! It's a choice!

Louise Smith Hace 2 d · #15

#3 @Bill King "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain." Like wizards there always seem to be a lot of pretenders.
Unless he has a knife ? Just like you I am not young enough to know everything

+1 +1
Louise Smith Hace 2 d · #14

#1 @Pascal Derrien What other way is there ? esp as I am now in the second glass half full of my life
I'm a lot like @Paul "Pablo" Croubalian in that regard maybe not quite as brave !

Louise Smith Hace 2 d · #13

#9 @Roberto De la Cruz Utria "behind the obfuscation lies mediocrity."
One thing I really can't deal with is Mediocrity
esp from people who actually know better
Thank you

Louise Smith Hace 2 d · #12

#8 This makes me laugh @Jerry Fletcher
" when a company document is more about the company or product than it is about the concerns, interests and desires of the potential purchaser."
I just thought this is standard practice !

Louise Smith Hace 4 d · #11

Thanks for sharing @Joel Anderson

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Harvey Lloyd Hace 4 d · #10

Maybe we need drama safe zones. Bravo i share your distaste for drama. If obfuscation is what the group experiences from an idvidaul through drama, then we could posit that the individaul is suffering from cognitive disonance. They sort this out through some Shakespearian process that we only see the two diminsions, while the third is obfuscated. Much like the human hiding their eyes from the baby as if we have disappeared.

Great post. Maybe we should place signs at the entrance to our homes, businesses, THIS IS A DRAMA FREE ZONE. Displayed drama will incur rath and non participation.

But i guess the sign itself would be drama itself. Oh well, enjoy the play, staring you and me. (Job Security)

+3 +3

Totally agree @Louise Smith, behind the obfuscation lies mediocrity.

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