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Synchronicity Australian Time

                                                   Synchronicity Australian Time

Written in Response to  Synchronicity or Being In Time
          by Sara Jacobovici in beBee in English  Owner • Creative Arts Therapies Services  26/10/ 2016 

@Sara Jacobovici Thanks for tagging me.
This is a multidimensional topic with a fascinating plethora of facets or er... fractals.

“Don’t manage time, manage yourself”   Sara Jacobovici
Sara Jacobovici  I have never thought of this but it's really true.
Time is the constant & I am the variable. 
It makes much more sense from a psychological viewpoint.
I am going to use this concept with my clients. I really like it. It gives back control.

"Synchronicity is a psychologic phenomenon of events which coincide in time and appear meaningfully related but have no discoverable causal connection.” 
Carl Jung 

I explain this constantly to my clients as they often link related events to fit the story they have created. 

The story which is usually wrong or negative or unnecessary. 

“When you are courting a nice girl an hour seems like a second.
When you sit on a red-hot cinder a second seems like an hour. That's relativity.”  Albert Einstein

This is very cute - any teenager will get this !  We just need to tweak courting to dating.

"The dualities of time; the physical and the psychological experience, the internal perception and the external measurement. "
This is like when you are in an accident eg traffic accident
Time seems to be incredibly slowed down for the person involved
but the actual measured time is a few second to a minute.

"Everything I see or experience is a result of something which took place prior to the fact, making the illusion of past, present and future a convincing one." 
My Question : SO what is the illusion ? Really a continuum?
Sara Jacobovici 's Answer :
Because we are sensory beings and everything is perceived and given meaning through the sensory experience, and since time is a sense, we can only perceive time or make sense of it. We organize it by creating a linear manifestation of time; past, present and future. Of course this is a functional way of using time. But these segments of time do not actually exist, they're there, as Einstein said, so we don't experience everything at the same time. If we invest in this meaning of time as "what it is", that is the illusion.

"We assign meaning to our experiences, therefore how meaningful an event is, 
is solely based on our subjective experience, it’s all relative."
As I said before, my clients do this & end up confused, hurt or ill.

When I saw the word Rhizome, I immediately thought of gardening 

& ginger, asparagus, bamboo, dahlias, canna lillies & iris ....

Well, what a surprise when I checked your link  I found ...
"Rhizome is a philosophical term used to describe the relations and connectivity of things.
Deleuze and Guattari have assigned this term “rhizome” referring to a relation like that of roots.
They spread underground with no direction, no beginning, and no end. They are dispersed.
It is opposed to the idea of a tree which has a starting point, and from there branches out in a predictable path."

The rhizome plant metaphor seems to cover Points 1 - 6 especially if it is a well developed, frequently fertilized plant
in its optimum environment!

My Question : How often does this occur in a person's life?

"How much of these connections are we consciously aware of as they take place on a daily basis?"
I would theorize that often we are not consciously aware at all. But as you stated, if we make a concrete representation of them like a map, plan or flow chart, this helps us to keep more information available to use for problem solving.

(BTW King George Sound Over Outback Queensland pic is an excellent choice to represent patterning ! No Bias )

"Is our awareness and perception of patterns inclusive of time and space? "
I suspect that most people do not see patterns in their lives.
This takes time - quality time - which most of us don't have.

"Do you see yourself as part of the patterns in your environment or separate from them? "

We are more likely to be involved in patterns in our environment or to see ourselves as separate from them.
People who are connected closely with the environment (scientists) or land (Indigenous people & farmers)
would be more likely to be consciously aware of patterns & the wider impact of them.
With Climate Change however this is controversial !

My Question : What patterns would people in Urban environments be aware of?
My Answer :  Repetition in architecture, layout of gardens, same Chain store in different suburbs, more traffic during peak hour ? All of us regardless of our environment can see the sunset, rain fall, leaves dance in the breeze, water flow, snow fall, stars twinkle & moon phases. Then there's art, design, pure & industrial, quirky & functional.

                                                     Aboriginal Art Ronnie Tjampitjinpa

"What qualities and concerns are present in your personal or professional lives?"
This is where lifespan developmental stages, personality, group think, power plays, management, being ordinary or eccentric, average IQ or genius material comes to the fore. At work we often compare our qualities to those of others. If we find ourselves lacking, we may resort to bullying or aligning with other powerful coworkers.

In our personal lives, is we have poor self esteem we may develop anxiety, depression, agoraphobia, OCD, anorexia etc as coping mechanisms, even though they are not functional or healthy.

So this is where acceptance - ACT, objective analysis - CBT, staying in the present- Mindfulness, Listening - Narrative along with Social Connection are ways of staying calm & really understanding what is going on around us. They help us not to rely on just our flawed subjective perceptions or learnt behaviours.

"By connecting and by being perceptive of patterns, we make ourselves open to seeing and experiencing synchronicity."
AND either learning something useful or completely confusing ourselves !

My thesis was on a perception based phenomena & it drove me crazy !

"Meaning and perception: Or, not merely a coincidence."
The answer to this is related to your spiritual or religious beliefs or life journey.
(But my rational side goes for merely a coincidence)

Aboriginal Artist Nellie Marks Nakamarra

I love this golden scarab Jungian story ! I'll have to take down my fly screens in my counselling rooms.

"At the moment of synchronistic transmission, a fundamental shift in perception took place within her which

  • In Education, is the look on the student's face of "HEY ! I get it !" (This alone kept me going as a teacher when nothing else was forthcoming)
  • In Psychology, is an aha moment, dawning of recognition, acknowledgement of truth giving a chance to change & hope for the future.
  • In the Workplace, is the honest praise of work well done from the boss.
  • In your Personal Life, is contentment with & gratitude for what you have.
  • In your Social Circles,is the closeness constantly growing when family & friends socialize.

"The meaning of the synchronicity is that the universal homeostasis is non temporal and non spatial.”   Fernando R. Goñi

Just look at a timeline of world war events

World War I   >               
             World War 2   >         
                           Korean War    >   
                                       Vietnam War  >
                                                        Gulf War   > 
                                                                  Bosnian War    >       
                                                                                  Kosovo War   >
                                                                                                Global War on Terror   >
                                                                                                                             Afghanistan at War since 1978        >   
                                                                                                                                                                           Iraq War 2003      >                                                                                                                                                                                                   Syrian War 2011      >
And still to come Korean World War   >  >   >   >   >      ?

Wars following no time frame or in no particular order or country

Summary of  The Five Lessons About Self-Expression by  Milos Djukic   LI October 25, 2014

1. Expression and the Inner - synchronicity or a fractal alignment.

2. Be a Modern Social Media Gladiator - We can learn from children, they know everything.

3. Teaching and Mutual Exchange of Knowledge - It is not generosity but the pursuit of truth.

4. Motivational and Inspirational Behaviour - Be a star in your own village, it is enough.

5. Final Remarks: Searching for the Unknowable - which is also addictive, even more.

"Instantaneous insight, as an integral part of innovation process, was often initiated through social-spiritual interaction with people. It seems to me that not only scientists, but also other professions can benefit from this."  Milos Djukic

Yes  Milos Djukic I think that is true.  Where different disciplines intersect, an epiphany can happen.
I have learnt a lot in this way through reading posts of personally unknown subject matter on beBee and other Social Media.

Intuition and insight are intriguing phenomena of non-analytical mental functioning: 

Intuition denotes ideas that have been reached by sensing the solution without any explicit representation of it

Intuition has been understood as an experience-based and gradual process

has been understood as the sudden and unexpected apprehension of the solution by recombining the single elements of a problem. The two processes appear similar with intuition preceding insight.
Insight is regarded as a genuinely discontinuous phenomenon. A gut feeling ?  “Aha” feeling?

By means of the brain imaging techniques, future researches can examine the cognitive and neural mechanisms of both intuition and insight

Imagination and Synchronicity  Fernando R. Goñi 

Right now with digital technology our imagination does "travel to a higher speed and farther than physical senses, helping to explain the perfect physical harmony existing from the smallest to the bigger.”

We can be in sync with people all around the world if they have an internet connection.

From small Start Ups to mega Google and Facebook like companies, not any more the sky is the limit
There is no limit.

Finally ...

Any boundaries that limit me in my physical experiences are opened up through my imagination; my ability to imagine.

Because of this ability, I am able to perceive all that I am a part of; my internal and external worlds.

And in this way I am in sync.  
Sara Jacobovici

Emily Kame Kngwarreye

How "in Sync" are you ?

This all started when I posted Synchronicity

Dedicated to Sara Jacobovici  &  Milos Djukic             “Great people deserve no less.”

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Louise Smith 24/2/2018 · #21

#20 Yes that happens to me also

Lisa Vanderburg 23/2/2018 · #20

Fabulous read @Louise Smith; another I'd missed! Sometimes I like to think myself out of time...just to have a look-see back in! :)

+1 +1
Louise Smith 23/2/2018 · #19

#18 Thanks @Ian Weinberg I will have a read of your articles !

Ian Weinberg 22/2/2018 · #18

#17 I did indeed note your reply. The challenge however was to respond in a comprehensive manner but in the context of a mere comment. My interest area is at the interface of neuroscience with quantum physics. I arrived at this space simply because the existing conventional biomedical model and for that matter, neuropsychological models, could not explain several bizarre clinical observations. And so no, I don't come from a scifi fantasy world and every component of my previous comment is based on current scientific pursuits. The best way that I can respond to the issues that you've raised is to refer you to 2 of my articles which have relevance in this area. See https://www.bebee.com/producer/@ian-weinberg/superconsciousness and https://www.bebee.com/producer/@ian-weinberg/a-personal-contribution-to-the-mind-buzz

+1 +1
Louise Smith 22/2/2018 · #17

#11 @Ian Weinberg you might have missed my reply

Louise Smith 22/2/2018 · #16

@Sara Jacobovici you might have missed this

Louise Smith 29/1/2018 · #15

Part 1

I think my thoughts are my own. Sometimes they may be someone else's but the way I think about them makes them my own. I have a lot of trouble with "a vast timeless and spaceless resonance" @Ian Weinberg
I'm not a Dr Who fan either !
I like to deal with actual discoveries - not guesses of hr Systems or Galaxies or Universes ,,,
What so you think of travelling to Mars yourself?

I think things were real before we gave them names just like they are before a baby learns to speak to identify things
Naming things helps us to function.
This is perhaps why deaf and/or blind people have different ways of communicating within themselves and with others.

Louise Smith 29/1/2018 · #14


Part 2

Historically human experience is built on past human experience.
Leonardo Da Vinci drew pictures of/ invented things like
- Anemometer for measuring the speed of wind
- Flying Machine
- Helicopter
- Parachute
- 33-Barreled Organ
- Armoured Car
- Giant Crossbow
- Triple Barrel Canon

These were like seeing into the future as some have been constructed only in the last 100 or so years
synchronicity ?

To me this statement
"Perhaps that's why we exist - to subjectively perceive and name and thereby make it real - which creates some substrate for another to name and create? "
Ian Weinberg

and this one

"Everything I see or experience is a result of something which took place prior to the fact, making the illusion of past, present and future a convincing one."
Sara Jacobovici

have something in common.

They are reliant on perception.

So was Leonardo thinking and drawings " mere coincidence or may be a window into a greater resonance " Ian Weinberg ?