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Why Do We Make Decisions That Don't Pan Out?

Why Do We Make Decisions That Don't Pan Out?

Many of us have trouble making decisions

  • Some of us ignore the issue hoping it will go away or solve itself of its own accord
  • Some of us allow our emotions to escalate till we are exhausted
  • Some of us get anxious to the point of paralysis or emotional and physical illness
  • Still others of us procrastinate till we are stuck with no way out

But there's no reason for doing any of these things to ourselves

Especially not if we entertain the idea that we have a CHOICE

It’s surprising how many people don’t even consider that they might have CHOICE      

Decision making is about CHOICE

 Not thinking, feeling or doing (although these may be part of the process)

But about CHOICE                                                                                                                                                         

THEN it’s about Motivation to make the CHOICE

Explore the options available
Decide on positive & negative outcomes
CHOOSE what’s best for you either in the short term or the long term whichever is the most workable

The options available may not be all that easy or palatable 
but at the very worst we can choose the least invasive

We may have to use steps to reach the actual CHOICE we really want
But if we are motivated, determined and work on each part
n time we can construct the whole 

At the very least we can CHOOSE to
ACCEPT the best or a not so great option

“I don’t want to do this. But it’s part of my job and I CHOOSE to ACCEPT it”

By making this decision we are calmer.

We can get on with the job, getting it done better and faster as we are not fighting ourselves
or continuing to be angry about the situation

 It’s the old grit your teeth, bear it and with just a spoonful of sugar or CHOICE, 

the medicine will go down one way or another

What things in your life could you change by deciding to ACCEPT you have a CHOICE?

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Sara Jacobovici 9/12/2017 · #16

Your topic @Louise Smith, is very close to my heart. I always mention Viktor Frankl in any discussion about choice. He said, "Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom." I see this within the context of choice and control. Now I'd like to take out a quote from your buzz as it focuses on another aspect of decision making and what influences our choices. You write, “I don’t want to do this. But it’s part of my job and I CHOOSE to ACCEPT it”. From my perspective, this has to do with our sense of responsibility. A good place from which to make a choice. Thanks for initiating an important discussion.

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Louise Smith 9/12/2017 · #15

#12 Thank you @Preston 🐝 Vander Ven for your comments You've explained so well the development of being able to conquer fear to make a choice in a situation beyond your control. Most people find it hard to come to terms with things that are out of their control and end up making themselves ill as a result.

We all like fairy tales even in today's digital world like Cinderella, Snow White, Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, Robin Hood and you know many more.
We all know what happens. It starts with Once upon a time there's a beautiful maiden in danger and distress who is saved by a handsome prince on a white stallion and they all live Happily Ever After.

It's surprising how this fantasy is still lived out in our everyday life because it's better than stark reality.

So making a choice may or may not turn out right but as no one has a crystal ball that really works, we need to step out of our comfort zone to experience something new and to learn even if it's from our mistakes.

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Louise Smith 8/12/2017 · #14

Thanks for Sharing @Milos Djukic

musa johm 7/12/2017 · #13

your willcome

Preston 🐝 Vander Ven 7/12/2017 · #12

A very hard point in my life was a few years after college when a mentor of my help me realize that "I had the power of Choice". Back then I wanted live in my own "matrix". I would be like a leaf floating down a river, free from choice, letting the world take me wherever it did. Then I was able to blame anything I did not like in my life on circumstances. When my friend helped me understand that this "way of thinking" itself was a choice, and the the problems I was having were consequences, I at first was angry at him. I did not want to live in reality.
I took a little growing up, but I was able to change my way of thinking. I was soon able to no longer fear choice, yet embrace it. I am just glad he helped my back then and not at the age I am now. My life would be so different.

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John Rylance 7/12/2017 · #11

May your choices reflect your hopes not your fears. Nelson Mandela.
It's choices that define your life. ( me)

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Louise Smith 7/12/2017 · #10

What things in your life @Peter Stefanov could you change by deciding to ACCEPT you have a CHOICE?

Louise Smith 7/12/2017 · #9

Thanks for Sharing @Peter Stefanov