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Data- The Most Valuable Asset

Data- The Most Valuable Asset

No matter of what size and type the business is, it should have easy access to accurate and updated data to perform well in every aspect. When it comes to making strategies, taking crucial decisions, and assisting your customers, data is the most important thing that you will need. But if all the data that you have is not managed or organized properly, you will not be able to make use of it. In today’s highly competitive business environment, what can make or break an organization is its ‘data’. Thus, how can a business enterprise think of compromising with it? If you want to succeed and outshine your competitors, you must take proper care of your data.

Data, the valuable asset of an organization, is best stored digitally, which makes it easily accessible and convenient to use. With the help of data entry operations, you can digitize your handwritten and printed raw data. Information that is in the electronic form is highly valuable for business. It can be managed easily and important details can be extracted as and when required. Digital data makes planning and implementing new strategies stress-free.

Data Inputting Services Include

  • Online Data Entry Services

By enhancing the accessibility of data, these services help clients in making the most out of the pertinent information. Online data entry experts manually feed CRM and ERP systems like Oracle, SugarCRM, Vtiger, Salesforce, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics web servers or other online databases with critical details related to the customers, business etc.

Offline data entry service aims at helping clients extract data from scanned images and documents and enter it into the preferred file format like Text, CSV, MS Excel, and MS Word etc. The experts maintain utmost accuracy while capturing and keying-in data from multiple sources.

  • Data Capture

Highly experienced and skilled professionals extract data from structured, and unstructured records very quickly. They capture data accurately from various sources such as company reports, directories, receipts, applications, bills, databases, etc.

  • Data Entry from Printed/Handwritten Documents

Digitizing the handwritten and printed documents can increase the value of data. The experts capture information accurately from books, invoices, enrollment forms, magazines, journals, etc.