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Major Cryptocurrency Predictions for 2018

Major Cryptocurrency Predictions for 2018

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For those who have been following the wild ride of cryptocurrency, there is no doubt that 2018 is poised to become an interesting year. However, indicators signify that the reasons for the changes will be much different than they were in 2017. After all, last year brought cryptocurrency to the front door of many people who did not have the slightest idea what it was at the beginning of the year. Furthermore, the mainstream introduction of cryptocurrency gave other smaller cryptocurrencies the opportunity they needed to pique the public’s interest. As such, their discovery of cryptocurrency led to the run-up of bitcoin at the end of the year, as well as the inevitable crash at the beginning of 2018.

One of the changes already taking shape is due to the institutional interest in crypto. Seeing a demand from their customers, banks such as Goldman Sachs have been leading the charge to provide crypto trading services to their consumers. However, it is this institutionalization that has sparked controversy within the crypto community. Although everyone wants to make it easier to buy, sell and covert coins, the popularity of crypto has already led to more attention from regulators. While many important regulators want certain classes of crypto designated as securities, the crypto community has been trepidatious about these changes. But some see the transformation as a good thing, as this regulation should lead to more stability in the market. Huge fluctuations could become a thing of the past.

Another prediction is that Ethereum will rise. In fact, some are even calculating that it may surpass bitcoin for a bit. The nature of the Ethereum blockchain makes it a sure bet for many, with an open-source initiative contributing to the universality of Ether. Meanwhile, some are also predicting the rise of combined crypto. This will present an interesting option for altcoins that have not necessarily reached the pinnacle of success. By joining up with other coins, they may be able to marshal their resources and amp up their collective power in the market.

Yet another possibility looming over the crypto market is a possible ban from certain countries. Although buying up the blockchain is already banned in certain countries, the likelihood of it getting axed in a powerful first-world country has been bandied about for years. Specifically, the United Kingdom has cracked down on crypto in a way that has led many to believe it may ban trading entirely.