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The Most Anticipated Blockchain Projects of 2018

The Most Anticipated Blockchain Projects of 2018

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Distributed ledgers known as the blockchain will soon change the way we interact with the world. Initially conceived as a way to create decentralized cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology is finding more and more applications outside of cryptocurrency fads. Here is a peek at some upcoming projects that utilize blockchain technology.


Codius was Ripple’s approach to smart contract technology before Ethereum existed. The project was shuttered back in 2015 because Ripple felt that the market was too small for decentralized application development. However, after the success of Ethereum has proved smart contracts can work, Ripple has decided to re-open its Codius project in beta form.

The Codius project is designed to introduce smart contract technology to the Ripple blockchain so that developers can begin creating decentralized applications using XRP as a foundation. Ripple Labs hopes the ease of obtaining XRP will make it the default choice for developers using smart contracts in future projects.


The Hyperledger project was created by the Linux Foundation and backed by IBM as an open source initiative to help ease traditional banks into the world of blockchain technologies. The end goal for the Hyperledger project is to create an open-source blockchain protocol that can be used for corporate finance and other business applications like supply chain management.

With IBM’s backing, the Hyperledger project’s support has grown to include several hundred companies who are eager to contribute to the project’s development as the future of corporate finance. Even other blockchain technology creators like Ripple Labs are assisting in helping with this project.


Endor is described as the “Google of predictive analytics” by its MIT creators. The project uses the blockchain to process a ton of predictive analysis much faster than any human counterpart and often picking up on patterns that might be missed by human analysts.

This type of data analysis was previously only in the hands of giant corporations who could afford to fund such an effort, but Endor aims to make predictive analysis available to anyone. Recently the project obtained $45 million in funding to work on cryptocurrency predictions as a proof of concept for whether or not this type of predictive analysis is viable. Endor analyzes social media buzz, press releases, and past data sets to make price predictions for the future of cryptocurrency markets.


Several upcoming blockchain technologies will revolutionize the industries they impact by changing the industry itself. Endor is set to make predictive analysis available to the masses, while Hyperledger could change the way corporate finances are handled on every level. Even the return of Codius and smart contracts for the Ripple network will impact how software developers work in the near future.