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Accident or Not, Weeder Wins!

Accident or Not, Weeder Wins!

This past September, MTV along with executive producer Snoop Dogg released the series called Mary + Jane, a marijuana themed comedy show on MTV Network. The show follows two women attempting to reach the Top 15 on WeederLA, an app that is used to distinguish between better delivery services catering to the medical marijuana community in Los Angeles.

The real story here is the fictional app that is used in the show – WeederLA’s purpose is to provide its’ users with the latest deals, promotions, and reviews based on geo-location in the Los Angeles region. The app itself bears a striking resemblance to an actual app that is available for download on Google App store called Weeder App ( ). Originally created as a cross between Groupon and Yelp, Weeder App allows its’ users to gather real time information on the latest deals, promotions, local events and medical marijuana providers directly to your smart device. Patients can search via the website or the app itself – for those of us who have an iOS device, the iOS application has been submitted to Apple and is awaiting its’ release on the Apple platform.

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