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Seven Interior Design Tips to Turn Your Bedroom into a Quiet Retreat

Seven Interior Design Tips to Turn Your Bedroom into a Quiet Retreat

Humans are living at a faster pace than ever before. In today’s hectic world, it’s more important than ever for people to have a place they can retreat and recover and prepare for another day. The bedroom is the ideal room in the home to serve this purpose. Homeowners should view their bedroom as a quiet retreat and there are a few things homeowners can do to achieve this. Here are seven tips to follow to turn your bedroom into a quiet retreat.

Plan for function

When you’re doing interior decorating, regardless of which room you’re working in, you need to focus on function first. It doesn’t matter if it looks good if the space isn’t comfortable to you and isn’t functional. For the bedroom then, you want to start with the mattress since the primary function of your bedroom is sleeping. There are a lot of factors to consider when buying a mattress. You have to think about size (queen, king, California king), firmness (plush, firm, extra firm), and composition (pocketed coils, memory foam, or hybrid). Keep in mind that depending on your bed, you may or may not need a headboard and this will determine which headboards you can buy. Other functionality considerations are blackout shades if you plan on doing a lot of sleeping in and reading lights for late-night reading. Also consider a dresser for storage.

Figure out the mood and aesthetic that works for you

The bedroom is a place of rest and relaxation so you need to make it a quiet place that sets the right mood for you. The word “quiet” means something different for everyone though. For most, it will probably mean soft, neutral, cool colors such as muted grays or blues though some might prefer brighter colors and patterns.

Create balance

Every room in the home needs a focal point, and in the bedroom, that’s usually the headboard. If you’re going to go with a large, patterned headboard that really stands out, then the other furnishings should be a little neutral so as not to compete with the focal point. However, you can also go with a more neutral headboard and more brightly colored bedding to make the bed itself the focal point.

Have space on both sides of the bed

Something about having the bed pushed up against the bed makes the space look more confining. Though you want to get the most out of your square footage, it’s better to center your bed