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'Ali Baba and the 40 thieves'...Luis Suarez 40 scorer.

And last but not least the above, the 40 goals that made Luis Suarez in the Spanish League confirmed conclusively the momentum by traversing this player, who by their technical and physical quality, has become the best center forward of world and anyone would still miss that Barcelona will reach deals to buy: English comes from Liverpool, where he was top scorer comes from 2 world (2010 and 2014) where his goalscoring participation was successful; comes from a Copa America Argentina 2011, being the top scorer of the tournament; comes from a sanction from Fifa, which is why the exclusion of 9 official international matches your selection, comes to Barcelona, ​​goes champion 2014-2015 UEFA 1 goal it exits world club champion, again out league champion, returns to his selection (Uruguay) and becomes lethal offensive figure ... and the man continues to speak still: is that not a phenomenon .... it's a great football player, and I recovered not only injuries, but excessive sanctions Fifa, destructive criticism from sectors of sports journalism, which are to analyze the sport, but not the personal life of a player, as well as decades ago, cared about as played Maradona, but his personal life at all; so today, dear friends, we must recognize that we are seeing in this decade the best number 9 in the world, and also Ali Baba had his 40 'thieves', Suarez has its 40 goals.-