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Ebook: Instagram Marketing Guide For Ecommerce Businesses

Ebook: Instagram Marketing Guide For Ecommerce Businesses

If you need more reasons to jump into Instagram on your eCommerce marketing strategy, here are a few statistics from Brandwatch that you might want to consider:

Instagram Users And Reach

Ebook: Instagram Marketing Guide For Ecommerce Businesses

Instagram Marketing Statistics

Now that you’re convinced, you might be wondering where to start.

Fear not, in the Photoslurp Instagram Marketing Guide for eCommerce Businesses you will find all the essential and advanced tips you will need to start and improve your strategy.

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Chapter 1: Instagram Marketing Basics

  • Set your profile the right way
  • Understand your audience
  • Content best practices
  • Share the right images
  • Share an experience
  • Find creativity
  • Appeal to emotion
  • Crowdsource
  • Tell a story
  • Stay relevant
  • Feature happy customers in your feed
  • Promote like crazy

Chapter 2: Create A Hashtag For Your Brand

  • The power (& the pain) of the hashtag
  • How to create a hashtag
  • Push past the early ideas
  • Define your intention
  • Keep your audience in mind
  • Aim for short and sweet
  • Toy with their emotions
  • Research your shortlist
  • Hashtag fails to learn from
  • Look for potential problems
  • Run it by a wider audience

Chapter 3: Craft The Perfect Caption For Your Company’s Photos

  • Not too broad, not too specific…
  • Go short and snappy (or have not caption at all)
  • Plan your cross-linking (use clever hashtags and emojis)
  • Create a signature style
  • Ask a rhetorical or leading question
  • Check your grammar and tone (no fake edginess)

Chapter 4: Successfully Leverage Instagram Contests

  • Ask why
  • Pick the type of contest
  • Define the rules clearly
  • Pick a hashtag
  • Launch and promote
  • Track results
  • Celebrate and follow up

Chapter 5: How To Drive Sales Directly From Instagram

  • Shoppable Instagram

Chapter 6: Use “Zoom” And “Stories” Features To Make Money For Your Ecommerce Store

  • How to use zoom
  • Using zoom for eCommerce
  • How to use Instagram stories
  • Using stories for eCommerce

Chapter 7: Instagram For B2B – How To Grow Your Following

  • Invest in organic growth
  • Humanize your brand with workplace socializing and community projects
  • Use every employee to their full potential
  • Use your bio and hashtags alongside ‘traditional’ advertising
  • Take the time to follow others and create a mutual interest

Bonus: 26 Best Instagram Tools

Download now the free Instagram Marketing Guide for Ecommerce Businesses HERE!

CityVP 🐝 Manjit 25/11/2016 · #2

I was actually more fascinated in what photoslurp was even more than their guide to Instagram. This whole idea of visual commerce of using a brand's customer photo's as "social proof" is something that is new to me, and of course photoslurp is not targeting instagram users but to brands themselves. It speaks far more to me how fast digital marketing is evolving. I have no problem with a site that promises to integrate customer photo's or the idea of shoppable instagram, but there is a feeling that digital marketing is about consumer data collected in the background, which is totally diametrical to the original idea of "permission marketing".

I will keep the link to the Instagram guide for when I get more into instagram The real value of your buzz is that it opened up this sector of digital marketing that I was previously totally unaware of and that has led to me noting other digital marketers that have set up shop in this particular space :


Of that bunch Pixlee talk about "Visual Marketing Platform" and their value proposition is the same "using photo's and video's from real people to tell your authentic brand story". I wish marketers would drop the word "authentic".

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