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How To Plan An Influencer Marketing Strategy

How To Plan An Influencer Marketing Strategy

This is the last installment of the Guide to Influencer Marketing where we’re going to tell you step by step how to develop your influencer marketing strategy.

Having selected and contacted a suitable influencer, the next step is to design and agree on the campaign. As this process is so central to the collaboration, it can give rise to certain difficulties. Your objective as a brand is to get your message across as clearly as possible. At the same time, the influencer doesn’t want to lose their individual tone or uniqueness. To aid the process, the most important thing is to have it very clear what you want for your brand out of this campaign and how you plan to make this happen. In this way, you will be able to make concise proposals to the influencer when discussing the type of content that will be produced.

One of the most relevant results from previous studies is that the majority of influencers consider it very valuable to have the collaboration of the brand when it comes to creating a message. It is important to give them clear guidelines about the type of communication and their treatment of the brand. Provide them with useful details, which they wouldn’t find from other sources such as brand trivia and product history as well as professional resources like product photos or even the chance to call on a team of production staff. By no means, however, does this mean that the influencer should simply post a message that has been created by the brand. The message needs to be the fruit of a collaborative process.

Working as a team involves taking the best that each contributor has to offer in order to achieve the best message possible. The influencer knows their public (which is also your public) and knows how to approach them; you know your brand, your product and the benefits that it offers. Make the most of this pairing of knowledge.

A study by Augure reflects the opinions of influencers on working with brands: What do influencers value when working with brands?<