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6 Reasons You Should Have a Mentor

6 Reasons You Should Have a Mentor

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The most successful people have mentors guiding their progress. It’s difficult to overestimate the positive influence a mentor can have on your success. Finding a great mentor is a challenge, but it’s worth the work. A mentor can take you places you’ve never been and do so at an accelerated speed.

A mentor is invaluable for several reasons:

1. A mentor has walked the path. A mentor has already accomplished your long-term goals. If your dream is to become a millionaire, professional baseball coach, or a successful artist, it only makes sense to find someone that has accomplished that same goal.

· They know the reality of the situation. Everyone else is speculating.

2. You’ll have the guidance you need to set appropriate goals. Are you sure about the next step to reach your long-term goals? A mentor would possess that information.

· You can be enthusiastic, serious, and capable, but your progress will be limited if you’re headed in the wrong direction.

3. You’ll gain the necessary tools in time to use them. Have you ever been in a position that required tools you didn’t have? A mentor will ensure you have the necessary skills before you need them.

· Most of us decide to learn after we’ve failed. It’s much more effective to be prepared. A mentor will point you in the right direction before it’s too late.

4. You have access to their contacts. An appropriate mentor will be successful and as result, will know the right people. The saying, “It’s all about who you know.” is largely true. When everything else is equal, people would rather take a chance on someone they know. A mentor can introduce you to the people that will take you to the next level.

5. You receive an unbiased, yet experienced, opinion. It’s not easy to make the best decisions when your knowledge is lacking. A mentor can fill that gap.

6. A committed mentor will bring you opportunities. A mentor won’t just introduce you to influential people. He/She will also introduce you to the right opportunities. Once your mentor puts the word out, he/she will occasionally be presented with opportunities that match your growth needs.

Finding a mentor will make it possible for you to achieve success quickly and smoothly. A mentor will help you take advantage of the best opportunities and avoid the speed bumps. If you don’t have a mentor, start looking for one today!

Agreed. Proverbs 24:6 "For through wise counsel you will wage your war, and victory lies in an abundance of advisors."

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Luis Franco 13/1/2018 · #3

#2 That is wonderful! Glad i can help.

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CityVP 🐝 Manjit 13/1/2018 · #2

Very timely Luis. We are exploring the creation of a mentoring program in the student club I am involved with in my local college. I can talk to the students on Tuesday about this and your buzz provides a foundation for that initial discussion. Thank You.

Luis Franco 13/1/2018 · #1

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