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Over The Wal

Over The Wal

                                                 Over The Wall

Is notable that the world are divided, i’ve seen many people broken relationships and friendships of years because they own political point of view.

- Ruined lunches

- “match's” canceled on tinder - Profiles blocked

- Ignored glances

- Ideological war on social media and goes...

I believe that one of theses variations happened to you...
I will share mine unconventional point of view about that disturbances and why this must happens.

First of all i’am improving my english, so guys be patients ok lol

I bealive it is a importante mark in history of the human kind. At 2016 according with astrological studies the sun ended your age that started on 1981. That studies suggests that 35 years of shining great inventions, amazing discoveries and more approaches of the people from any part of the world.

Let’s reflect what we had 80’s at until 2016, it including music, movies arte in general. I was born on 87’s i've lived almost my all childhood in 90’s was amazing, i had wonderfull memories of a lot of funnies momments and anothers pritty dangerous either lol. But i’ve heard some people talking about 80’s saying that was one of the most happy decades.

So... At 2016 The sun endend your age on his on party. It seems like an “after party”. The sun enlightened what us eyes couldn't see, on that point some people got a kind of “awakening” about what is passing with the world, the internet specially is one of the responsable for this “awakening”, some people had more interests for metaphysics stuffs as well.

The internet was a final song of the sun on that age, that brought knowledge and the option to live without it. With that knowledge the people got the opportunity to talk about their own thoughts and private life, digital influencers has rises too and opinion makers cames across like a cherry on the cake top.

Now the party is over and we can see the mess, people drunk and droped on the floor, burned things, crocked pictures on the wall, some people are still sleeping and others are awaken staring for some place that not exist thinking about aleatories things, some people are crying, the janitor is sweeping the floor, others awakened are helping to clean the mess, no body knows what happned but the party is over... 'The Sun already set', and left it to us compromise to clean all that mess, and choose a path, his successor are knocking on us door.

Revelation 3 16  So, because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth.

To be continued on the next article...


#2 Yes i did, i tryed to explain that "polarization" that are happening in the world with a "non conventional way" lol. I hope you enjoyed.

Thank you for your comment @Renée 🐝 Cormier.

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Renée 🐝 Cormier 2 d ago · #2

So you have been writing, my friend! Well done. Keep going.

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