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Ten Toxic Habits That May Cost You Dearly If You Persist

Holiday season has just got over and if you have been disciplined enough then you will have well settled back in work at office and business by now. The discipline factor figures in because there are those that take it for granted. There are those that are accustomed to certain bad habits and do not mind throwing caution to the wind. If you have gone overboard this holiday season and are still wondering what is wrong, it is most likely that you have put on some of these ten bad habits that you should ideally quit immediately.

  • Booz Overdose

Who does not like to uncork a bottle of champagne to celebrate victories, memorable occasions and festivals? The point the party will get over some time and you will be left with the hangover of yearning for more with no body for help once work season starts. Quit the habit of booze overdose in the best interests of your liver, heart and brain.

  • Binge Eating

Ten Toxic Habits That May Cost You Dearly If You Persist

It is not just about the way you look. Binge eating takes its toll on your health. Every time that you eat between meals and wishfully assume that the excess fat will somehow burn with due course of work and exercise must know that it won’t. Binge eating leads to obesity, high blood cholesterol levels and increases the probability of heart attacks.

  • Nicotine in a Cigarette

Nicotine in a cigarette is the eternal guilty pleasure of boys. Yes, boys with big bank accounts and the affordability to buy cigarettes are still boys. Men do not get swayed away by the nicotine in a cigarette. With so much evidence within the body of work of medical science there is no way that they can feign ignorance about the ill effects of nicotine in cigarettes that causes cancer and finally death. If you smoke, know that life is going to be short and painful. Switch to alternatives like vaping, e-cigarettes or straight cold turkey whilst you have time on your side.

  • Sugar is Sweet Poison

You sure like to add an extra cube of sugar to the cup of coffee. It tastes great and you think sugar keeps you going. Blood sugar level on reaching a point of inflexion leads to diabetes and affects kidneys, skin, eyes, liver and heart. Life with sugar is actually bitter.

  • Trans- Fat Overdose

You like the taste of red meat melting in your mouth and can never have enough of the steaks. Do you care to know where this comes back to you? Red meat increases blood cholesterol levels and the lipid profile of the body. Trans- fat overdose is the thing that you need to be throwing out of your platter immediately.

  • Sleeping Less Hours

The best machines break down in the face of lack of maintenance. The human body needs maintenance. You need to be dedicating 8 hours to sleep without any excuse. There are those that get impressed by corporate leaders and the millionaires that worked their way to the top burning the midnight’s oils. No amount of wealth can buy you fitness and happiness. Do not compromise on your quota of sleep.

  • Sticking to the Desk

With more than a million mobile apps on our smartphones it is hard not to get lazy and stick to the desk where we work. Saving energy is smart but there is no smartness in depriving the human body of exercise and sweat. Take a small walk every two hours and then get back to work. Take the stairs where possible and walk down to the nearest grocery store.

  • Not Hitting the Gym

When was the last time you had stepped on to the treadmill? You do not fool anyone by skipping exercise. Even thirty minutes of exercises can work wonders for your health. Listen to your favourite music and visit the nearest park for a breath of fresh air.

  • Fast Food Bites

Successive generations of Americans and people in the North of Europe have grown up on lip smacking Mac Meals. The costs show up in the additional medical bills for treatment of obesity, blood pressure, digestive system issues and weight gain.

  • Skipping Diagnostics

With the best apps and smart watches it is tempting to believe that medical diagnostics are not necessary. You will never know the status of your health unless you come to know about it. Get the relevant medical tests done at regular intervals and keep a check on which way your health is headed. Anything that cannot be measured cannot be managed. Measure your progress and stay on top of the game.

These bad habits may cost you your health and happiness. Worse, you will not suffer alone. Your family members and friends will have to bear the burden of your bad habits. Act decisively today.

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