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Should You Tailor Your Resume?

Should You Tailor Your Resume?I say, "no." But many disagree with me. Even experts. So why am I so adamant that job seekers have just one version of their resume?

When you tailor a shirt, the goal is to make it fit you, and only you. You are taking an an article of clothing and doing whatever is necessary to adapt it to your body. But your resume is a document that is about you - your accomplishments, achievements, trajectory of your career. You are who you are; you are what you've done. So how is that tailorable? How is that information adaptable?

When clients tell me that they have several versions of their resume, and that they choose one over another if it's a better "fit" for a particular job, my question is this:

are you a different person when you apply for Job A over Job B? No? Then why would your value proposition change?

People who are open to a variety of career options are most insistent that they need to tailor their resume. They believe that by emphasizing one thing over another, or eliminating certain job functions, that they're focusing each version of their resume on what a particular employer is looking for. But they are (IMHO) doing themselves a disservice. Instead, doesn't it make more sense to tailor the list of jobs you apply for to better fit who you actually are? Yes, this probably