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Is There Any Reason to Write For beBee? LAB

Is There Any Reason to Write For beBee? LAB

beBee is essentially a blogging platform. It will not make you famous and it will not make you rich. If you want to get paid for your writing you are better off pitching your articles to publishers that pay.

If you want to start your own blog, you should just go ahead and do it. It will be more beneficial to you in the long run to start your own blog.

The more you write for beBee the more you build it's platform, but you are not building one for yourself. This is the lie every company sells in a pyramid scheme.

Your success is our success is the biggest lie out there.

(I thought I was a brand ambassador beBee??)

In fact, beBee's success is based on a pyramid scheme.

When they promised ambassadors a piece of the pie and got us excited about writing and pomoting for them, that was just the common pyramid trick all companies use to sell vaccum cleaners and knives.

You cannot dislike a company for using it, but you should be aware of what you are really doing for yourself by promoting beBee, which is little to next to nothing.

No, using beBee consistently and everyday will not make you rich or succesful because beBee is not a platform for young writers or even people who want to build a platform.

beBee is a platform for young professionals!

The only way to truly benefit from beBee is to be a young professional.

beBee is a place for people to promote their own business. You will not get rich here, but you might gain a new client by advertising here. beBee can be a free source of advertisment and that makes beBee extremely useful to the young business person with no money or little money, but you need to be clear about what beBee is and is not.

beBee is not a place to get rich!

beBee is not the best or only way to build your brand!

beBee is not where you should be if your only goal in life is to make it as a freelance writer!

beBee is for people who want to build brand awaness for their own business

beBee is a place to find employees

beBee is a tool

Let'sbe clear, beBee is a tool to help you build your business. beBee is not your business. If you think beBee alone is going to somehow make you money, you really have your head on backwads.

If you are someone that is here just to share your opinion and you are writing on any and every topic, beBee is the wrong platform for you. beBee is for niche target marketing and it does best when a person consistently writes about one genre; politics, fashion, English, computers, droins, financies.

Now I break the rule of target marketing, but when I was writing consistently about musicinas that is when my articles where having the most views because your audience knows what to expect from you and that is how you build an audience, by being a niche writer.

The biggest way to benefit from beBee is to write content geared around your industry. If you own a restruant, write about food. If you work in tourism, write about it. If you are a lwayer give legal advice.

beBee is a place to become visible if you share value

It's also a place where people can easily see you are a novice. No,beBee will not pay you for your post, but the world can still see your post, so ask yourself, do you really want this post speaking on behalf of your brand?

Remember, beBee is just a tool. All tool kits have many tools. Just to put together a desk requiers a  variety of tools. You cannot build a succesful business using only one tool. If anything beBee is just tape. You need a hammer, saw, nails, screws and electrician and the list goes on to build a real business. You need more than tape, though tape is useful.

Jim Murray Apr 25, 2019 · #16

I'm not sure you're telling anybody who has been here since the outset anything new. It is your opinion and that's what counts. I never got into writing on beBee for the money. I never had to. I got into to help people who wanted to write learn how to be better writers. Along the way, I made a lot of friends, and that's why it's called social media. I would be safe in saying that almost everybody contributing content here is not doing it for the money. If they are, then they are using the linkages to LI, Facebook and Twitter. You kinda make beBee sound like some sort of scam. But all social media sites run on the same fuel which is content from their members. I also disagree with you on the single focus. I write about lots of different things, and have good readership no matter what I'm writing about. And I know a lot of other people who do the same. The rules you are delineating really apply to a small subset of the people who post here. Just sayin'

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🐝 Fatima G. Williams Apr 23, 2019 · #15

#1 @Paul Walters Agreed :)

Paul Walters Apr 20, 2019 · #13

#9 Have a little faith !!

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Preston 🐝 Vander Ven Apr 20, 2019 · #12

beBee has been a great tool. It has never been may goal to created an income directly from my buzzes. Yet, content marketing is one of my favorite marketing methods second to face to face marketing. beBee has done this greatly. Yet, now that I have increasing leads, it is up to me, NOT beBee, to utilize this leads on my site and have 'fruit' grow.
I also love sharing information and learning from others. This is the only platform that I have found that seems to work for me. I enjoyed Linkedin a few years ago, but after it was updated it was no longer user friendly for me. Finding my groups became a time consuming task unlike here.
I also love this site because of the "Learn, Do, Teach" concept. I love to learn new things. beBee is a great library of new info for me everyday. This site is a place where I can write what I learned from what I did either from my success or my mistakes. It is a way to give back and to empty my mind and start this growing cycle again.

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Javier 🐝 CR Apr 20, 2019 · #11

#9 not , for sure ;)

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Nick Mlatchkov Apr 20, 2019 · #10

And given the fact we mostly came here from LinkedIn after @AlanGeller promoted it, we already had a professional platform ...

Edwin Dearborn Apr 19, 2019 · #9

BeBee will eventually meet the same fate as Google Plus.

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