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Talented and relentless artist A.I. Righteous is fresh air in the rap game. Heavily influenced by Tupac Shakur, A.I. Righteous’s lyrics are powerful, inspiring, and offer wisdom in subtle and poetic ways. Staying true to his roots, he is speaking for and to his community. Coming from the streets and an adverse background he is trying to be a positive force in a world that is sometimes cruel and unbearable.

Though A.I Righteous is not limited to rap and backs up some of  his tracks with a heavy jazz influence, rap is where he is comfortable and coming from. Rap is the best music for pumping up the deflated soul, the beaten down man who never stood a chance but tried anyway, sometimes creating his own luck through will power alone. You will find that his music roots for the underdog, like in his song  Cross the Border, Featuring Dylan Estrada.

We like many genres of music, but to us rap is something more than music. It speaks to a community, a culture, a way of life. Everyone can’t understand the power of rap simply because they are coming from a different places and backgrounds. For all we know you might have to experience being black, poor, and discriminated against to get rap music, but A.I Righteous has a transparency to him that makes him spectacular to listen to no matter your cultural background, which means A.I Righteous as an artist for the EVERY-MAN.

A.I. Righteous has been rapping sense he was a child and it shows in his lyrics; blending flow, wit, and intellect, smoothly together without trying to be anything but a guy from the streets but somehow becoming a poet with a vast storehouse of knowledge.

Though we think A.I. Righteous is still a diamond in the rough, we expect him to be a game changer in the coming years. The reasons for this are he demonstrates a clear passion for the music. He refuses to give up, demonstrating an unbreakable will and causing his talent to increasingly grow.

Beyond that we think A.I. Righteous has one of the most unique voices we have heard in American rap in a long time. It’s hard to explain the voice that is sharp, able to crackle like thunder and free flowing like the wind all at the same time.

Currently working with T.I.N Records, A.I. Righteous is one to watch for.

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“Real love only comes when it comes tough. Stay a virgin in the game, remain untouched.” – Ai Righteous “Build It Up” ft Spin

“Be careful how much you trust invest in them, even Jesus had a Judas right next to him.” – Ai Righteous “Build It Up” ft Spin

Click to Hear Build It Up“You can’t build it from the roof. You got to build it from the bottom because the bottom is your roof.” – Ai Righteous “Build It Up” ft Spin

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@Irene 🐝 Rodriguez Escolar i will tell the artist you said hi

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Yes, his style reminds 2Pac. Sounds really good.

I still remember when, Parental Advisory Explicit Content was, Parental Advisory Explicit Lyrics 💪

Hip H💗p culture.

Bill King 2/6/2018 · #3

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Bill King 2/6/2018 · #1

@Lyon Brave great share. My first house was in the Oxford Circle section of Philly. Down at the corner store where I use to go for cigarettes, back when I smoked, there was always this kid standing outside the store, just standing there free styling rap as people walked by. He got some funny stares but the kid was amazing. I would walk my dog, Pete Rose, to the store just to listen to him. Thanks for the share, brought back some great memories.

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