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The Man Everyone Should Know: Bernard Poulin

The Man Everyone Should Know: Bernard Poulin

Bernard Poulin is an impressive man living in Ottawa Canada. He is an international artist who specializes in portrait paintings. He might even be a genius. I am not sure yet. I literally just googled him this minute, after Javier 🐝 beBee pointed out a kindness Bernard Poulin bestowed on me by continuing the conversation about the antisocial behavior that seems to be rampant in modern societies, especially with younger millennials. 

I must admit this Kick-Ass-Artist wasn't on my radar until he did a response piece to my thought piece, My first reaction to him writing a response piece was that's pretty cool. I have yet, to see anybody on beBee respond to another's writing outside of the comment section. 

However, on Youtube it is common for users to post response videos to other people's videos and this interactive exchange tends to be beneficial to everyone, the content creators and the consumers of the media. 

I thought the way Bernard responded to me was brilliant, because not only did it allow him to express his own ideas in depth and generate content, his depth made me take a deeper look at his profile in the way a one-liner-comment never would, thus giving him added exposure for his own merits and artistic legacy. The man really is a legacy. 

I hope in the future he will let me interview him because I didn't know he was so cool and extensive in his accomplishments. This guy is a whimsical and detailed artist, with the brushstrokes of Monet, and the detail of C.M. Coolidge. 

Not only is he an artist and writer, but he is an educator and a noted lecturer. He has participated in the creation of more than a dozen books dedicated to the process of drawing. His articles and television appearances have been translated into Portuguese and Italian. 

According to his profile, prior to 1978 he worked in education and psychology as an elementary and high school teacher-therapist and a member of several psychiatric teams. He was also, a guest College and University professor of Special Education. He is also the author of many titles that are doing rather well on Amazon, like The Complete Colored Pencil Book ---- buy me yo! 

The French translation, (Le crayon de couleur) of The Complete Colored Pencil Book, was published in Paris in 1994. The re-issue of this same book appeared in softcover 2002. It was revised and re-published in the newly created Classic Series at North Light Books in 2011. Bernard also published, in 2010, an essay on creativity, entitled, Beyond Discouragement-Creativity.

Some of Poulin's, better known clients are royalty and members of the Canadian government. A 2010 commission from Her Majesty Elizabeth II had Bernard painting the portrait of the latest recipient of the Queen's own personal gift - The Order of Merit. This piece is in the collection at Windsor Castle. Since 1995, investing patrons commission private exhibitions of Bernard work - purchasing the collections sight unseen. 

These exhibitions have had as their subjects Tuscany and Venice 1995-96, Provence, 1997-98, Jerusalem 1999-00, Paris in 2005 and a Grand Tour Exhibition in 2007. In present day, Bernard is celebrating his 50th anniversary exhibition. 

Bernard Poulin, celebrating 50 years as an international visual artist will host an exhibition of artwork in Wednesday Nov 1st, November, 2017..

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Thank you for introducing me to Benard Poulin. What a talent! Yes, I agree - he is cool!

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Bernard Poulin Sep 5, 2017 · #4

#3 I really have to go and shop at Home Depot this afternoon to remind myself (after your accolade) that I am just Joe Ordinary! Wow! This is going to take some time to fully digest. Never thought not shutting up would ever pay off! :) Thank you Lyon Brave

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Lyon Brave Sep 5, 2017 · #3

You are.welcome. Just find him on Amazon. #2

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Javier 🐝 CR Sep 5, 2017 · #1

@Lyon Brave I love your spontaneity ! thanks. CC @Bernard Poulin

@Bernard Poulin @Lyon Brave beBee is cool because of bees like you ! :-) Enjoy beBee !

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