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Walking Around Seoul Thinking What Does Defund The Police Mean In America?

Walking Around Seoul Thinking What Does Defund The Police Mean In America?

I am in Seoul, South Korea and I go back to America in a couple of days, which is really exciting, even though there is an extremely intense political atmosphere. 

One of the things that is on America's political discussion list is defunding the police. 

What does it mean to defund the police?

"It's a common misconception that "defunding the police" means completely stripping law enforcement of all of their funding. While while some organizations are indeed calling for the abolishment or dismantling of police altogether, "defunding the police" simply means reducing police department budgets and redistributing those funds towards essential social services that are often underfunded, such as housing, education, employment, mental health care, and youth services. " HANNAH JEON

Running around and policing people is not always the answer. We should have a discussion on how to prevent crime in the first place. Nobody grows up wanting to be a criminal. Usually criminals are a byproduct of their environments, which is why we need to ask the question if we gave more resources to the community and less to the police, would that change the dynamics. 

When Black Lives Matter say defund the police, they are not saying get rid of the police, they are saying reduce the budget and put the money to other community resources like education and mental healthcare. 

I would like to stress, we need the police, and groups who call to abolish the police altogether are shortsighted and forget that America is heavily armed and drug addicted country full of crime. 

We need the police, but we also need better community recourses for the poor, especially because a large portion of Americans live on poverty wages.