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I do not teach with some idea that a movie like Coach Carter is going to be made about me or that I am going to be making a huge impact in the world. 

The surprise about teaching is you do make an impact in the world if you are a teacher whether that is your goal or not and that’s the trade-off for the low salaries, and burdensome responsibility of co-parenting hundreds or even thousands of kids is that teaching is inherently powerful because it’s personal.


When I teach I think to myself, what was missing in school when I was a kid and largely the answer is the TRUTH. 

I am a black female and 70% of my teachers where white males. White males probably were not the best people to be teaching me about the realities of my life. 

However, I think the real problem with most schools is they are not really designed to teach you about life and it keeps you connected with a misinformed and biased past more than an accurate present or the possibilities of the future,  which I think is dangerously problematic because it creates outdated minds that are out of touch with reality.

 After all that schooling, they hit 18 and they do not know the first thing about surviving in the real world as young adults, so some of them postpone being an adult by going to college because we tell them that’s a guaranteed pathway to success and for a lot of them it isn’t. 

It’s just another lie we tell. 

We basically chained them to a cement block of debit and threw them in the lake and said, now you know how to swim. The truth is most of the stuff we learned in school was dated misinformation. They used to teach that there were 9 planets, which is basically the same as learning the world is flat or that slavery was not bad.

I try my best not to lore my students into a false bubble of what life is just because they are stuck in a cage until they are 18 for 8 hours a day with me.  I know one day my students are going to be out of these walls and clueless. 

A lot of parents don’t teach them anything either because they think it’s the teachers’ job to teach them. 

I fight for my students to learn the truth. 

I answer their uncomfortable questions about sexuality, racism, and poverty,  I refuse to teach that there are 9 planets from old textbooks. 

Never in my adult life has anyone ever asked me what an Obtuse Triangle is or if I know what onomatopoeia means. 

My education was never geared towards me being a successful adult. 

It was geared towards standardized tests that did not matter, so I could be a factory worker and I think that was a really misleading waste of my time and so I try not to steal my student’s time the way mine was stolen and I try to teach them things that might be useful like how to take a deep breath when someone who is wrong insist they are right.

Fay Vietmeier Oct 29, 2020 · #4

#3 @Lyon Brave
We live in a different world.
In prior generations, I think parenting was more of a priority.
The role of "parent" carried much responsibility.
Not that that has changed but the pace of of the world has accelerated
People are "busy" ... parents are very distracted.
Often their angst falls on their children.
One of the grains of sand in: "More is caught than taught."

Blessed is the child who has a focused, loving teaching parent.

Lyon Brave Oct 29, 2020 · #3

#1 There are parents who shrug off their own teaching responsibility and that is a big problem.

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Fay Vietmeier Oct 28, 2020 · #2

@Lyon Brave
added comment about "Truth -this conversation from another post:

Because we are gifted free will: everyone has their own "opinions" & "beliefs" ... concepts of "truth" (taught & caught)
Many people do NOT question the Source of Standard of their beliefs (which form their opinions)

When I endeavor to share "Truth" ... it is ALWAYS based on Jesus Christ, who is "Truth" ... the ONE Harvey Lloyd spoke of:
"We know one other who paid that price and not for Himself."

Whether we believe it understand or ignore it (only) Truth is Truth.
I am not the Source or Standard of Truth ... nor is any finite being.
The Source & Standard of Truth is Almighty, Infinite God.

“No one is more hated than he who speaks the truth” Plato
Who knew this more than Jesus Christ, Who declared: "I AM TRUTH"
... He "came from the Father full of grace & truth"

"Truth passes through three phases:
... First it is ridiculed
... Second it is fiercely and violently opposed.
Third, it becomes self-evident.”- Arthur Schopenhauer

The thought that leapt into my mind when I read this quote … had to do with Jesus Christ
Jesus referred to Himself as: (I AM) “Truth”
Jesus was “ridiculed” (especially by the religious establishment: the teachers of the law, scribes & Pharisees)
The rejection (from “educated” religious leaders) further escalated … Jesus was “fiercely and violently opposed”
And then after the death & resurrection of Christ … the Truth became “self-evident”

Fay Vietmeier Oct 28, 2020 · #1

@Lyon Brave
"Hello monkey" ... I loved your video's ... you have a gift of connecting with those precious little hearts.
You are a "Brave Lyon" indeed to aspire to teach "Truth"
Would presume that that the "truth" you speak of has more to do with life ... the process of living & growing
Not the Source & Standard of "Truth"

I will share my comment (from another post) where the conversation was about "Truth"

I taught Sunday school for decades and loved the experience.
As a result: I LEARNED in the process of teaching which helped me to grow in faith & life experience.

The shaping of young minds & young hearts is a GREAT responsibility.

There are parents who shirk their own teaching RESPONSIBILITY ... to their own peril and to the peril of their children.
Children should not grow up as weeds ... but many do. (without nurture & care the ability to "blossom" is delayed - at times destroyed)
More is caught than taught ... at home & at school.

Thank you for teaching this bee a new word: "onomatopoeia" ;~)

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