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Correspondence With Verizon Wireless Bully...Lies

Correspondence With Verizon Wireless Bully...LiesFrom: M Elliot <seeingtheconnection@gmail.com>

Date: December 31, 2016 at 6:00:40 AM PST

To: Tamara Flowers <tamara.flowers@verizonwireless.com>

Cc: lowell.mcadam@verizonwireless.com, "talin.isagholi@verizonwireless.com" <talin.isagholi@verizonwireless.com>, "Fox, Lisa (HR)" <Lisa.Fox@VerizonWireless.com>, Celeste Como <celeste.como@verizonwireless.com>, "Kari.DeFazio@VerizonWireless.com" <Kari.DeFazio@VerizonWireless.com>, "Peyton.Perrine@VerizonWireless.com" <Peyton.Perrine@VerizonWireless.com>

Subject: Final Attempt

*Read from bottom up


Thank you again for your long awaited response yesterday. Per the email I sent you, please remind me of where and with whom my so called exit interview took place. I honestly think you may have gotten me confused with someone else, but I'm open to you refreshing my memory. After all, we are always in one moment and a moment is only 90 seconds so as humans there is a lot we tend to forget. Though I promise, I recall each and every interaction with all of you VERY clearly. I always remember important events, the ones that impact all of us as a collective consciousness for we are ONE and I represent everyone.

Please click on the link below in the event any of you need a reminder regarding the request I sent for an exit interview prior to being illegally terminated and ADA/Disability Laws once again broken. Not one of you responded.

Note, Celeste is the ONLY one of you who listened and did her best to try and help with regard to this VERY serious matter. Thank you for everything, Celeste. You seriously rock.

The problem I have is that my correspondence with Celeste occurred AFTER Verizon mistakenly fired me without allowing me to express my concerns. I even told you that you were breaking disability laws. Not sure why none of you listened when you knew my background. 🤔

Peyton, I know you tried your best to convince Tamara to meet with me. Thank you for that. I also know Tamara so I understand why you didn't reinforce it. Working under a bully is very tough and very draining; I've been there before so I understand. I also know your family is most important to you; therefore, you were concerned about job security. Just know that I forgive you and appreciate you as I know you did the best you could given the circumstances.

Tamara, I look forward to hearing from you again with evidence of the platforms I was given to get my message heard! And again, I genuinely am grateful you finally took the time out of your busy schedule to respond to me and make an attempt to address my concerns. Though as I expressed yesterday, I strongly disagree with your comment, "Please consider your voice heard and this issue resolved." My voice obviously has NOT been heard because ab