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Date: August 2, 2016 at 10:24:20

Subject: Demand Letter

Verizon Wireless

August 2, 2016

(Addressed to Verizon Wireless Attorney, name omitted intentionally)

Thank you for making this process as easy as possible. This has been a difficult journey both for me as a person and to observe the state of fear that is a driving force both within Verizon Wireless and our world as a whole. I have shared with you that I enlightened to who I was in March and my role in this world is much bigger than I could ever have imagined. I am humbled and beyond grateful to have been bestowed the honor to lead our Country/Nation to a place that will provide awareness and peace for all. In order to move forward, it will be necessary for me to develop a strong team of leaders and individuals who possess the skills and values that will propel us forward as a collective consciousness.

As you are aware, I (playing the role of everyone as we are all ONE), experienced unnecessary pain and suffering due to lack of awareness (knowledge re: ADA/disability laws), bullying leadership tactics combined with fear of authority, and fear of money (job loss). I clearly expressed my background as a school psychologist and repeatedly let each and every "leader" know what I needed in order to be successful. I am an "out of the box" thinker and I forced to work inside a very constricted box due to arbitrary rules that made absolutely no sense. Not one person could give an explanation as to why I was mandated to work in an office other than, "this is not a work from home" environment. Unfortunately, due to lack of training and fears, not one person took a stand to help and as a result I became very sick, multiple times.

It is critical to realize that each one of us has unique brain wiring and learn in different ways and that environment plays a KEY role. I made it crystal clear that due to my ADHD diagnosis and the fact that I pick up on everyone's energy, I needed to work from home in order to be effective. It was an "outside" sales position and I expressed during the interview process that I could not work in an office environment. I had been very successful in outside sales roles for 10 years prior to assuming my role at Verizon. Despite each and everyone of the leaders witnessing this to be true, not one stood up to defend me due to arbitrary rules put in place by the "Business." Not one person could give a reasonable explanation for denying my right to work in the manner necessary for me to be successful other than, "This is not a work from home job." This led to my becoming very sick due to the toxicity that was rampant in the Woodland Hills sector of the business channel. (Exhibit to be attached)

While I was illegally denied my right to work in the environment necessa