5 Best Web Design Trends For 2020

Knowing what's going on in the web design world is always a positive thing, if you are already running a website, or have made a new resolution to start one. We can train you for the hottest trends that are running in 2020, caution you about common mistakes to avoid, and share the best design skills to pace right ahead of the upcoming new year.

We spoke to web design experts from a variety of segments who were able to give us essential insight into what the new year would bring for web design.

Let's look straight into the best web design trend of 2020.

5 Best Web Design Trends For 2020

Dark Mode: UI

Dark mode became a common interface phenomenon in 2019 when Google launched it from Chrome to YouTube into many of its applications. Dark mode has stormed into the Internet, and all the signs show that it will continue to grow into 2020.

It's a lot of fun to play around on your phone, but why should you find it a top trend in web design for 2020? Well, Google Chrome and other web browsers have a built-in dark mode, so websites can now shift to dark mode automatically if the user has switched it on. This only works if the website supports dark mode. Since too many websites have not yet taken up in dark mode, Google Chrome has developed a feature called the "Night Eye."

Minimalistic Design: A trend for Mobile

For several years now Minimalism has been a popular choice of design for mobile. Still, it's a reliable and long-lasting trend that has proven itself worthy of remaining strong by 2020.

However, the argument that we have here is that minimalist design does not have to mean a boring design. You can always use bold, bright colors, overlapping sections, and heavy fonts that suit your branding

Minimalism is about cutting off any unnecessary excesses to make a user experience clear and simple. Using white space and emphasis on shape and feature prevents users from being overwhelmed.

AI and Voice-Search

Is it within your knowledge that at least once a day 65 percent of 25 to 49-year-olds speak to their voice-enabled devices? The mode of our interaction with online brands is changing, with the screens no longer being a necessary feature.

Combined with AI technology, voice recognition, and voice interactions have brought revolution the way we access the Internet.

Because of AI, people expect an expansion of flexibility and more accurate product, music, film, and so on. You just look at how Netflix reproduces its content to each user, suiting their individual choices.

There are two key things you can do to meet the demand of this trend in 2020:

a) optimize your site for Voice Search

b) Adapt AI

Ecommerce with varieties color scheme

Ecommerce once observed a surge of sleek, minimalist design, of white-space oceans and monochrome color schemes that are not so long ago. But all of that could change as we burst into late 2020 -opt-out for loud, bright colors from online retailers that show up at you.

Bright colors fetch attention, generate emotional reactions, and can be of great motivation, so it's easy to see why big, loud colors revived in the eCommerce market.

Illustration and Animation

Illustrations are hot on most trend lists for 2020 - there has been a remarkable change away from generic stock imagery to more original illustrations. What are increasingly common are messy, abstract, flowing, and hand-drawn images as they make it easy to express personality, positivity, and creativity.

Animations take the concept a step ahead, injecting more life into a website, which can be a valuable resource for your viewers to build a better brand identity and a more penetrating experience.

Animations and motion graphics can also provide visitors with a more individualistic experience helping them interact, recall, and revisit their website.

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