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3 Growth-Hacking Strategies To Help You Succeed With Your Next Product

You are almost ready to launch your product. You've spent days and nights working hard on it.

You are pretty sure it's awesome.

Yet your biggest nightmare is that no one will come on the launch day. No downloads. No purchases. No social media buzz.

These woes sound familiar?

Avoid your personal apocalyptic scenario with the following smart and sassy growth-hacking strategies.

1. Embrace The Power of Social Media

Sounds like a bluntly simple advice, right? But it's not Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Goolge+ I'd like to talk about.

There are two commonly overlooked social platforms that can yield massive results without any advertising investment or a huge fan base -- Reddit andStumbleupon.3 Growth-Hacking Strategies To Help You Succeed With Your Next Product

Both social platforms rarely deserve the marketers' attention, however, they often become the secret sauce of the most successful launch campaigns.

Here are two quick case studies to illustrate their substantial power.


According to this case study on Backlinko, one Stumbleupon post resulted into:

• 17,584 unique visitors to a brand new website in one (!!!) day;

• over 204,000 total visitors from the last four months;

• consistent traffic growth for the whole website;

• top ten rankings for highly competitive keywords in Google and a subsequent overall 457% organic traffic increase in only 30-days.

• a lucrative share