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6 things B4B companies do very well

6 things B4B companies do very well

(Reading time - 4 minutes. Check to see if your company is a B4B company?)

Do you consistently want to spring out of bed everyday morning, get excited about showing up to work and make your customers successful?

This is simply what Business FOR Business (B4B) companies will offer your everyday.

In case, you have not read my article on what a Business For Business thinking is all about, request you to invest 4 minutes to give it a read before going any further. It will surely help you connect better with this piece.

After dabbling in the world of business for the past two decades, I have had a chance to work with some of the best leaders, professionals, thinkers, inventors and innovators. It has definitely been a roller coaster. In that roller coaster ride, I have seen more of some and less of some.

The more of some - revenue targets, profit, quarters, annual reports, results, budgets, frequent organisation structure changes, office politics, leaders trying to define culture, uncertainty, appraisal, awards, rewards, restructure, hiring, firing, products and services and now disruption.

The less of some – bond through trust, caring attitude, emotions, living core values, transparency, selfless leadership, meaning of work, guarantee customer outcomes.

Incidentally, the ones listed in the ‘more of some’ side can easily be measured, quantified and appraised. The ones in the ‘less of some’ side of the equation are not easily measured. Vague at its best.

You know what?

In the social era, it seems, attributes in the ‘less of some’ side of the equation is taking center stage. Companies that are able to clearly communicate, amplify and live the ‘less of the some’ attributes are winning and growing.

Companies that are still stuck to the ‘more of some’ attributes are loosing steam, slowly becoming irrelevant and are being left behind. Though they are still able to generate plenty of free cash flows, they are loosing momentum. Maybe dying. And they don’t seem to get it - yet.

At the sametime, companies who have managed to bring ‘less of some’ attributes to the forefront have managed to differentiate themselves in a crowded market place. Despite the disruptive forces all around they just seem to thrive.

They seem to get it. They understand the new rules of the social era where ideas, network and outcomes win. I call these as Business For Business companies.

The ones that exist to make other businesses and consumers successful. In doing so, they galvanise their entire organisation through a bond called 'trust' and make everyone fall in love with the customer.

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