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B4B Selling loves customer experience

B4B Selling loves customer experience

(Reading time 4 mins. Why should you switch your sales philosophy?)

Finally, after years of pounding clients with calls, email blasts, intrusions, ads, campaigns, challenges, push and shove, inbound, outbound, cross sell, up sell, driving growth at any cost - we have reached a point of overwhelm and started talking about customer experience!

The part where a customer happily engages and does business with you.

What goes around comes around. No getting away from that.

Some are even calling customer experience as 'the future of selling'. I feel like laughing when the industry coined the term customer experience. 

Isn't it a basic human need to feel safe in a transaction, not be overwhelmed or be obligated when we don't want to?

First we abuse the system and now come up with an antidote. We end up giving it names such as customer experience, voice of the customer, etc. How weird!

Trust me. Buyers just want few things in the first place - solve their problem, meet their need, look smart in front of their bosses and go home on time to be with their family! Period.

Can you just offer them that? Can we not over complicate this with yet another bunch of jargons?

Most of the organisations are still hammering this 'basic human need' to death, wasting resources, amplifying the hurt, shuffling and sacrificing well meaning sales folks every 12 to 18 months. In the name of chasing revenue.

Can we do this right for once?

Here are my thoughts. I am a more visual guy and I will explain this with a simple diagram. I call it the B4B Selling Wheel.

Now don't be afraid. It is nothing to do with selling methodologies such as Miller Heimann, Challenger, SPIN or Value Selling. Nothing close to complex.

B4B Selling loves customer experience

B4B Selling wheel injects humanity into the way we do things so as to keep customers h