A Comprehensive Guide on Starting a Liquor Delivery Service

A Comprehensive Guide on Starting a Liquor Delivery Service

So, it’s 8:30 in the evening, and guests are on their way to your home. Wait, did you see that your favorite beer is out of stock?

Rushing to the nearest liquor shop? No, bring your favorite beer home with beer delivery service. Yes, that's true! 

On-demand delivery service is booming in the market especially after the COVID 19 effects. People fear to step out of their home, thus opt for online delivery of their needed things. So, are you wondering about how to start an alcohol delivery service? No worries!

In this guide, we will be talking about every single point that will help you to start a liquor delivery service.    

Steps to Build a Liquor Delivery App

These days, to build an online platform is quite easy. Here are a few steps that you can follow to start your beer delivery service. 

#1 Build your business plan. The first and foremost thing that you have to do is develop your business model. Decide whether you want to go for a marketplace solution or just want to build a platform for your liquor shop. Once you’re clear with this choice, it will be easy for you to select the business model. Here, you can even follow the business model of a few most popular alcohol delivery apps. 

#2 Once you’ve decided the business model, it's time to choose the platforms you want to build an app for. Here you can either go for hybrid app development or just build separate apps for Android as well as iOS. I would recommend going for hybrid app development as it is time-saving and requires fewer resources.    

#3 Decide the technology stack to build your platform. To get guidance on the technology stack, you can connect to any software development company. Make a list of the top software development companies, and then select the one which suits best for your business. 

#4 Now comes the most important thing which requires your attention. The UX/UI design of your alcohol delivery app. UX/UI plays an important role in the success of an online platform. A customer will come to your platform for the second time only when they have got an amazing user experience for the first time. Henceforth, it is advisable that you never compromise with the UX/UI designs. 

#5 So, the features of your liquor delivery app. We always get confused about which features to include, henceforth, we have made a list of basic features that you can include in your online platform.           

Customer App Features

  • Simple Registration

  • Track Order

  • Rate & Review

  • Various Filters

  • Shop from Multiple Shops

  • Save Favorites

  • Price Comparison

  • Large Inventory of Liquors

  • Multiple Payment Options

  • Oder Schedule

Delivery App Features

  • Easy Sign up with Pin

  • Update Order status

  • See real-time orders

  • Route Tracking

  • Scan ID

  • Order Details

Admin Panel Features

  • Engaging Dashboard

  • See Daily Income

  • Store Management

  • Solve Disputes

  • See Reviews & Ratings

  • Delivery Boy management

  • Block Customers

  • Customer Management

If you’re not willing to follow these steps, then you can directly buy the liquor delivery clone app available in the market. You just need to choose the appropriate software development company and buy the clone script solution. Later, you can even customize the clone solutions as per your requirements.  

#6 Just building an app is not enough, with that, you even have to give efforts for the marketing of the application. Without that, you will never get good engagement on your online platform. Here you can do digital as well as traditional marketing to let users know about your app launch. 

So, these were a few steps that you can follow in order to enhance your liquor delivery service.

The Bottom Line

The world is moving towards digitization, therefore it is high time to bring the business online. All you need to do here is just hire a software development company, and rest will be taken care of by them. 

So, are you ready to digitize your alcohol delivery service?

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https://buzzapex.com does all of that for free so why waste resources creating what already exists

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