The Evolution of Web Development

The Evolution of Web Development

Looking back to the era where there was no internet is quite difficult. With more and more devices connecting regularly to the internet and the different types of devices evolving, undoubtedly the internet is rapidly growing. 

The Internet has truly created a global market where one can get different services and products offered to users all over the world. With the arrival of web applications and IoT, we are now at a phase where it’s possible to interact with the internet in a unique and better way. 

The Evolution of Web Development

Web Development was previously only known for the development of web pages and websites for both intranet and internet. However, nowadays it is more like creating web applications that surpass the complexity as well as the size of typical mobile and desktop applications. It can be said, web application development is the artsy method to develop complex business applications to both business (B2B) and customers (B2C).

Due to the modern complexity level, web development is done by a supple software team. This development was initiated as a way to develop apps around 15 years ago. The agile philosophy supports the regular delivery of software with the help of highly-motivated tech professionals. This agile software also supports frequent deliveries, changing environments, and whatnot. The agile team defends technical excellence, continuous improvements, great design, and reflection on how one can become more efficient. 

Stages of Web Development Evolution

The web today is a never-ending universe in itself. It is interlinked with web apps and web pages along with photos, videos, and other interactive content. What the user doesn’t know is the interplay of browsers and web technologies that makes all the difference. 

Web technologies have emerged over the times to offer web designers and developers the skills to make a completely new peer of immersive and valuable experiences on the web to the users. The web that we see today is the outcome of regular ongoing efforts of an open community of web that assists in designing the latest technologies. Some of the techs that are being used today for web development are CSS3, WebGL, HTML 5, Java, React JS, Angular JS, PHP, etc. These technologies also ensure that the website or web app is supported in all web browsers.

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