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Crowdsourcing beBee Baedekers - Please Help! (Updated)

Crowdsourcing beBee Baedekers - Please Help! (Updated)

Fellow bees,

It's been more than five weeks since we started producing honey via the Publisher/Producer on beBee. Already there are more of our stories than any one human can conceivably skim through, let alone read carefully. And the production continues daily.

Meanwhile, impressive numbers of new bees are joining us. Each of them could probably use some quick orientation and a few hints navigating the meadow.

Wouldn't it also be useful if we had a "Best Of" hive, to represent and promote beBee and, frankly, each of us?

I've searched existing hives and haven't found any entitled Cheat Sheet or Selection/Picks. So I've taken the liberty to create them, in English. I venture to say such hives would be equally useful in other languages, so if you agree, create away.

I propose simple rules for their management.

Rule 1: each month, each Featured Bee should pick one of their own buzzes - the one they proudly wrote - and add it to the Bees' Best Works hive. All this takes is a bit of discipline (only one post per month, please). The point is to keep this hive travel-sized (you'll thank me when you return from a corporate retreat, parental leave or a space walk gone wrong).

Rule 2: each Bee aware of a handy shortcut or a tip on how to best use beBee should write a brief buzz and add it to the Cheat Sheet hive. (Please first check to see if someone hasn't already shared the same idea).

Rule 3: each month, each Bee should pick one post they liked (but did not create) and add it to the Bees' Picks hive. It should be something they found elsewhere and shared on beBee recently and still wish everyone would see it.

I'd appreciate your thoughts and ideas about these hives, and especially any improvements you can suggest. On the other hand, if I am belated and these solutions exist in some form, it's just as easy to delete these and forget about them.

Can you think of a cross-cutting meta-hive which would make beBee even better that it already is?

To join or visit these new hives, please go here:

Bees' Best Works

beBee Cheat Sheet

Bees' Picks

I've noticed Pamela L. Williams and Paul Pablo Croubalian already have tips to share.

A penny for your thoughts...

Pamela 🐝 Williams 19/7/2016 · #48

Wow Maja, I went into the Cheat Sheet hive to find something and found honey I didn't know existed. Thank you for the mention here! One of the things I do for new followers if they have only a few followers themselves (meaning less than 50) is recommend the Cheat Sheet and Glitch Itch hives as one of the first hives to join. Joining new sites can be intimidating and as I learned yesterday, is actually contributing to some NOT checking out beBee. We need to promote just how easy it is to fly into the Bee colony and hives. The fact that it is free at this time should be at the top of the list of 'perks' as it has also been a subject that people have a concern. I get LinkedIn "deal" emails all the time. So much so lately that I'm beginning to believe there will be no Free ride on LinkedIn. In other words everybody will have to pay.

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Maja Vujovic 4/6/2016 · #47

#46 Thanks, Loribeth! The Cheat Sheet is thriving, while the other two seem to need some TLC. But, in time, they will blossom too, I'm sure. Feel free to pitch in whenever. Cheers!

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Loribeth Pierson 3/6/2016 · #46

Sounds​ like a great idea!

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Maja Vujovic 18/5/2016 · #44

#42 Great idea and a great name, Franci! I'm so joining it, pronto!

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Maja Vujovic 18/5/2016 · #43

Ah, the sweet intoxicating sense of danger and opportunity, mixed in equal measure... They'll only be great if we make them so. Welcome aboard all three decks, @Chas Wyatt!


#40 Thank you for the welcome. I'm thrilled to join these hives and opted out of couple I had previously joined. Your hives are relevant to beBee topics which I have a sincere interest in. I just started a new hive "Respectfully Yours" which is relating to internet etiquette.

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Chas ✌️ Wyatt 18/5/2016 · #41

@Maja Vujovic, I had admonished myself not to join too many groups(Hives) on this platform, and then you just had to go and create these three great hives. (I hope you understand my sense of humor). The honey smells too sweet to resist. ;-)

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