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Four days after the demonetization plan of The Indian government was launched, the economy showed paralysis


Government had not planned the support needed to keep the economy moving.

Queues in banks were endless and bank staff overworked with long days and night shifts till past midnight.

100 Rupee notes, the only note permitted, ran out everywhere by the third day. ATM's were not refilled as the new currency had different configurations and could not be fed in.

Transport which needs small change for busses, taxis, rickshaws and the Metro, could not be managed. This is most of India's  cartage. Couriers stopped. Courts stopped. Photocopies and post stopped. Vegetable and fruit buying was less.

Bus traffic was low.

Only a small socio-economic group of India could spend long hours in queues. Many may have been granted private access to Rs 100 notes.

Petty theft for meals was noticed in the kitchen from staff. Cleaning stopped as staff with children were in despair at the long struggle to have money for milk and arrangements for schools.

Newspapers did not report anything. media was dead.

My comments to a blogger on Huffington Post was frozen.

The support of IMF and World Bank was disgusting to Indian citizens lost in the maze.  The world intervention to support a unnecessary causes as black money and to mistake the real issues and dangers in the economy of power controls. It seems stakeholders have moved India's money overseas in an attempt to disturb the innocent common man with extra tyranny before the world in a nasty, narcissistic show of power.

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Picture of Supreme Court. Delhi

debasish majumder 16/11/2016 · #3

Great post @Malini Chaudhri! very much relevant and emphatic. truly demonetization causing a catastrophe and perhaps going to bring severe financial crisis to the country and of course, it is the common people, who will be the worst sufferer of it. by the name of 'black money' common people are subjected to severe humiliation! truly 'Nero is fiddling, while country is burning'.

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Malini Chaudhri Ph.D 16/11/2016 · #2

US has to go through major social re-education apart from financial

IMF has backed it. There is still no change in the ATM's

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Brian McKenzie 16/11/2016 · #1

Foreshadowing of what they will do with the US Dollar

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