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The global impact of Amazon in the Writers Industry is showing a snag.

Assessment of the impact of a strong marketplace has diverted business from the bookseller and publisher to self publishing, where the global catalogues are visible and listopias arranged for easy selection.  Authors facing problems with publishers were given an opportunity to manage their own intellectual and publishing interests.

The Authors rank and book rank is something of a farce. Some big guys seems to manage the monopoly , which may infact be governments.

Colossal losses show up in publishing houses closing, authors self earning, book designers  shifting to a back seat.

The drift towards the focal point of digital books and kindlepreneurship give rise to new industry standards for scoring. metatags, titles, subtitles, genres, categories, keywords, cover and related are points of contention.

Strengths are that inventories are visible, and Select funds are available for authors to share. The world gets books cheap or free.

But in fact the free books and cheap books on Kindle Unlimited have settled the new standard of market demand. This has completely shifted the multitudes towards literature that is cheap, and away from Quality work.  Good work with value and Intellectual Property cannot remain secure in the digital world, except through Guilds and confederations.  Authors remain imbalanced in the paradigmatic shift of book organization.

With so much undone to traditional book sellers and writing styles, it is a tragedy to discover than the digital marketplace may be managed to rob the industry even further. The 35% share of digital books authors are due is not being paid. Often books are bought and refunded, and Intellectual property which is the entire worth of the author, is wiped out in the trade.

Select funds is a mockery to any intelligence. It is a conniving lure to suck good writers into the messy game of unscrupulous powers that seek information and data at no cost.  NO payments are given most of the time. Some governments may be mismanaging controls for political reasons.

So books go smart. Books go cheap. Who saves the remains of the Day?

Intellectual laws are redundant via US federal government.  Authors must follow existing arrangements through Guilds and Advocacy for payments to show up in two months. This is a formal legal, commercial standard which is binding for publishers.  Crashes to data are difficult to prove. But even